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Friday, January 06, 2017


Written by: Ekwegbalu Nnamdi

The adage "Desperate time’s call for desperate measures" has become fully expressed in our present economic situation. This has given rise to diverse economic packages, which actively leverages on the fears and insecurities that the human mind entertains about the future, now the major victims have become young undergraduates in our universities.

Such ventures have swept like wildfire into our universities, arousing the inherent desire to advance quickly that many of us have, resulting to what I would refer to as an outbreak of a "Get-rich-quick syndrome mentality".

Many young persons have reduced their social network and relationships merely to business opportunities and advantages, consequently seeing both their friends and family members as ladders to advance economically. This has resulted to a great assault on social network relationships and other social relations, where individuals no longer form a social network for its own purpose or for the purposes of adding value, fostering mutual understanding, coexistence, and ultimately to advance humanity and spread social meaning.

I had my very own personal experience not so long ago, when a friend of mine who I have not seen for years, called me and sounded so excited to see me again. Truly I felt special and couldn't wait to meet and share amongst many things our life experiences so far, our challenges and hopes for the future.

Behold, when he came it happened that he wasn't interested in any of these things, he started with these words "I have a great opportunity for you" and he went on at length to tell me how he has moved from one networking business to the other and has now found one which is better than the rest, by this, of course, he means one with reduced stress, where you can stay in the comfort of your bedroom and millions will be paid into your account.

He even made a vain attempt to leverage on what would have been my fear for the future, by saying, "Do not wait any longer, you do not know with the way things are in this country if you would even get a job when you graduate, this is an opportunity to make money while in school and you must grab this opportunity in its lifetime." 

He even invited me for what he called a Business Seminar, where I sat down to listen to young persons who claim to have made it, some claimed to be earning in hard currency, others claimed to have fat bank accounts. I was marvelled by all this, the thought in my head was "Either you are trying to deceive me or you have been deceived yourself."

Don't get me wrong, I know for some of you reading this, especially those who themselves are involved in such ventures, you would love to tell me how wrong I am by showing me the millions in your account, please don't take offence I am merely expressing my thoughts.

I can remember one of such instances, where one in the bid to confuse me... sorry I mean convince me, went ahead to make what I considered a very erroneous assertion 
"Have you not seen all these Rich guys, people like Bill Gates, Warren, Buffett, Dangote, Mike Adenuga etc, they all made their money through this kind of Networking Business." 

Such assertion left me dumbfounded, if I hadn't read about Bill Gates' Microsoft, or Warren Buffett's various investments or Dangote's Group of companies with diverse business interest, or Mike Adenuga'a breakthrough in telecommunications, I would have swallowed this lie hook line and sinker, I wonder how many have already?

I am not necessarily writing to critique this various money making wonder business ventures, I am just trying to make common sense. Before you reduce your ambition to sitting idle and referring people or even run around from pillar to post-marketing goods and services with no apparent utility, before you plan your life around leveraging on every single social relationship that comes your way in life's journey {I wouldn't need to tell you how void and empty and devoid of meaning such existence is} before you start-up with your school fees, or life savings, before you get carried away thinking...

"What is the point of going to school where I can make all the money I want without an educational certificate?" Always bear in mind that there is more to life than this and that if you must advance meaningfully in life, you would need the training that education would offer and also you would need to learn the virtue of patience.

Finally, before you wait to become a Billionaire overnight, know that it took all these men you have been told about, time of training, learning, growth, investment, risk, failure and a meaningful exercise to create wealth. Most didn't start up trying to be rich, but merely to add value and make meaningful contributions to humanity, hence wealth resulted from the value and contributions they have made. 

Which value are you willing to offer, or do you just want to be rich?

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