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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

12 Lessons I have learned from 2016

Written by: George Ben

1. Sleeping and waking up is a gift from God. It’s not a right, but a privilege.

2. Patience is like a seed planted. It requires some time to yield fruits which you will subsequently enjoy.

3. Little efforts can produce huge results. You just need to keep up with consistency. You can do incredible things with your little.

4. Be nice to everyone that comes your way, you may not have the chance to see that person tomorrow.

5. That difficult situation is not the end, God can make it a bend at the snap of your fingers.

6. Never write yourself off. God can re-write your story in split seconds. Have a dogged faith in God.

7. Some people died this year of just a headache, you may have been battling with a more serious ailment, but still alive. Be grateful.

8. Complaints can only compound your problems, stay positive and have a pleasant life.

9. Being financially rich without enjoying good health is nonsense and real poverty. Health is the real wealth.

10. Being grateful to God is more powerful than just being thankful. Thankfulness is easy to come from the lips, but gratefulness comes from the heart.

11. Not all your expectations will come to fruition, bear in mind that if it comes late, then it's the latest. A cake must first pass through an oven before you can enjoy the taste.

12. You are the manufacturer of your own happiness, don't expect your happiness to come from anybody, you might be woefully disappointed.

Have a fruitful 2017.

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