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Monday, December 05, 2016

The Youths should Pay Today and Play Tomorrow

Written by: Okolie Samuel and Duru Henry

"It is good for a man to bear his yoke while he is young."(Lamentations 3:27 NIV)

The world acclaimed leadership icon John C. Maxwell said, "Pay today and you play tomorrow but play today and you pay tomorrow the choice is yours."

The scripture above and the quote following it implies that the best time to pay for what you want and for your destiny is in your youthfulness or better still, now! 

What's there in being young? Youthfulness is a time of great strength and vigor.
A youthful age is an age where your body and mind is both internal and external sophisticated with the energy and efficient spirit required to succeed in anything you do and any God given talent you have.

The mind is unrest and ready to sour high, to discover something new and to give solutions to problems. The body is strong and energetic to accomplish anything and task or goal you set for yourself.

A time of vitality and life. It's a time of decision making. Decisions that will have indelible effect on your life and destiny. It's a time of foundation laying. Whatever you become in the years to come is being foundered now in your youthfulness.

The spirit's willingness and strength to survive and withstand any challenges before it is incomparable. But many people end up wasting this youthful energy on things that doesn't profit them and humanity in a whole, even their creator.
And end up suffering at the latter days.

Whatever your future holds is traceable to your youthfulness. Whatever you want to do for your future, do it now! Don't wait to get to the future before you do it. You don't stumble to a better future, you prepare for it.

Pay the price for your destiny now. Make all the necessary sacrifices for your destiny now! Don't wait! Do it now!


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