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Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Man With The Ring

Written by: Linda Chidnma

The Man with The Ring....

He does not make sex the center of attraction, he does not rush to see your parents without knowing you better. 
(The man with the ring)

He does not show his wealth or possession, neither will he claim to be what he is not...He allows you to discover him by yourself. 
(The man with the ring)

He is always patience in your weakness and errors, because he believe in you. 
(The man with the ring)

He will never judge you by your past, he understands your imperfections. 
(The man with the ring)

He does not rush to get you pregnant before marriage, because he believe in doing the right thing at the right time. 
(The man with the ring)

He does not talk too much, action speaks for him, because his word are his bound. (The man with the ring)

He does not sing Marriage like national Anthem, by his fruit you shall know him. (The man with the ring)

He is a gentle man, he does not allow malice till day break, and he totally understands the role of forgiveness and love. 
(The man with the ring)

He Carry's you along in his daily activities, he does not make you a stranger in his life. 
(The man with the ring)

Hips, Height, sexy look, colour of your skin is never a determinant, because he believe in the content of your character. 
(The man with the ring)

He prays with you and for you, because he believe in your future. 
(The man with the ring)

He is always ready to say "Am sorry baby" especially when he hurts your feelings. (The man with the ring)

Show me your Zeal for Love and I will show you her seal upon your life. Engage the heart and not the ring.

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