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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Should Christians Really Celebrate CHRISTMAS at All?

Written by: Gideon Akande

Christmas period is a time of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ everywhere in the world, but should we really celebrate Christmas at all? I think this short article can be of little help, let's see:

There two major reasons people oppose celebrating Christmas as Christians. The first reason is that Christmas originated from pagan worship, and the second reason is that Jesus was not really born on December 25th.

(i) Origin: Should we celebrate what originated from pagan worship? Well, the point is that it was actually the holiday of Saturnalia that the pagans celebrated then, not Christmas. Christmas was a replacement of Saturnalia festival in Christendom; Christmas solely celebrates Christ Jesus, and it has no link or connection with idol festival as far as Christmas is concerned today.

To oppose Christmas because the similar or same day was formally celebrated by pagans is wrong. If you oppose Christmas, then you will oppose Easter because both have similar history; if you oppose both Christmas and Easter, then you will need to oppose going to church on Sunday, because Sunday was a formal holiday for the god of Sun, and if you oppose worshiping on Sunday, then you must oppose calling days like Sunday, Monday, Saturday, etc.

Because they all have idolatry origin. If you still believe the names are attached to idols, like Sunday for Sun god, and Monday for Moon god, and you don't worship God on Sunday, and you mention the idolatry names?

Then you still agree with it. Those who oppose celebrating Christmas because it has idolatry origin may not be surprised that their surnames may have idolatry origin or affiliation. Many Christians today whose surnames are linked to idolatry, even though they are aware, yet they have no conviction to change their idolatry linked surnames because presently, they have nothing to do with idolatry.

The same thing is applicable with Christmas. Even if Christmas is linked with any form of idolatry origin, but as long its celebration today has nothing to do with any idolatry, then it's worth celebrating. Christmas was not celebrated for the first 300 years of the early church, until the catholic, so also church auditorium or Christian conference was not built by early Christians for 300years until the catholic. Building church auditorium can also be traced to the pagan gods.

Does that mean building church auditorium is evil? No, but it must be moderate, and must not be multi-million or as magnificent as these modern Christianity and even those who claim holiness. The fact that Christmas was traced to the pagan festival does not mean it is wrong to celebrate Christmas. Today we celebrate Christ at Christmas and Him alone.

(ii) Day of Birth: Jesus might not be born on December 25th, and it is not necessary for Christmas day. People can choose any day to celebrate Jesus' day of birth because He owns all days; only we, the humans, can be tied to a day we were born for a birthday.

Do we have to celebrate, sing and give gifts to mark the birth of Jesus? The answer is YES. 

Luke 2:13 - 14, 
"And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying: “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men!”
Angels in heaven celebrated the birth of Jesus, so it is not wrong for Christians to celebrate the birth of Jesus, as long as Jesus alone is mentioned and no connection to any idol or selfish purpose. 

It is not wrong to celebrate Christmas as long Christ is the center of the celebration and everything you do glorifies His name; it is wrong for people who celebrate self or sinful indulgences during Christmas.

Christians can celebrate Christ at Christmas and share with people. God will not judge you for celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25th, He will only judge you if Jesus Christ is not celebrated in your life and if you celebrate Christmas in a sinful manner.

There is nothing wrong to choose not to celebrate Christmas or to choose to celebrate it, it's only wrong when you choose to condemn those who celebrate because you believe not to. Not celebrating Christmas has nothing to do with teaching or belief of holiness, even Jehovah Witness sect that believes lots of questionable doctrines, do not also celebrate Christmas.
So the fact that one person chooses not to celebrate Christmas does not mean he has a better understanding than the person who chooses to celebrate Christmas.

The bad thing about Christmas is that it's not every day; the joyful feeling, the celebration, and sharing do not last, only for few days, and the worse is the Christmas day, it goes faster and ends. I wish it can always stay longer with such wonderful feeling.
The worst part of it is that if only during Christmas you experience the joy of the birth of Jesus, then you are a miserable person.

Christmas celebration doesn't last, but the good news is that when you accept Jesus into your life as your Lord, you will always experience more than the joy of Christmas. If you have not experienced the joy of Salvation since you have been a Christian, then you are unrecognized by Jesus, you need genuine salvation to have the unlimited joy.

If you have lost your joy of Salvation, you need to get it restored. Repentance, that is to realize and ready to forsake your sins, and accepting Jesus as your Lord, are the only means to have the unspeakable joy of Jesus!

When you become saved, you begin a life that pleases Jesus, not yourself or Satan, you walk away from any form of sin; that is when the birth of Jesus will bring joy and justification. But if you realize Jesus as Savior of the world and remain in your sins, it will only bring judgment.

We can care for Christmas by celebrating Christ, but more than that, we should be celebrated by Christ through genuine salvation and living in holiness and righteousness, so that we can celebrate with Christ forever in heaven!

John 3:16, "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.


For more details on the Origin of Christmas visit the link below

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