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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

How Love life affects Studies in School (Story)

Written by: Mayowa Adeniyi

Most men prefer chasing women, rather than chasing their dreams, forgetting that their dreams will never wake up one day to say I LOVE YOU NO MORE” – Muoka Chibuzor.

In The Beginning It Was Not So….Janet, in her early days of being a teenager, was so energetic-lively and she tolerated purity of the spirit, soul and body. She was brought up from a godly family and she also embraced godly values.

Academically, she was sound and was always at the top in her class because none of her energies and focus were tampered with. Coming to her commitment in church, she had a profound knowledge of the word and she was like the biblical Samuel who clearly heard God speak.

Most times, she usually inform her parent about the revelation she got. If it was something evil, they’ll pray over it to avert its occurrence.

But unfortunately, when she gained admission to one of the most sought-after university in Nigeria, University of Lagos, she managed to scale through the intimidation and pressure being a ‘Jambito’ in Year One but she was unlucky, as she fell into a non-platonic relationship with John afterwards.

John was one of those guys who doesn’t believe in having a close walk with God. He goes to church, was raised by a Christian parent but he wasn’t in Christ. He goes clubbing, sometimes get drunk and womanize. After all, his justification was that ‘everyone is doing it’ and he must ‘catchfun’ while in school.

He met Janet one evening as he was coming back from lecture. And on this this fateful evening their eyes ran into each other and that’s where the chemistry of their attraction began. Luckily for John, they were both in the same Faculty but different departments.

During combined lectures, they usually bump into each other, exchange pleasantries and this necessitated their deepened intimacy. Their relationship started on a clean slate but in Year Three, it nosedived into a destructive relationship.

Janet became so fond of John. John, being the bad guy he was, although he pretended to be nice but he became more influenced by his friends and vowed to gamble with her sexual purity. It all started with a normal hug.

Afterwards, he lured her into a peck, a kiss and ‘romance’ crept in at the dark corners of the Amphitheater. Since Janet has now being emotionally attracted to John, she felt it was love and she doesn’t want to lose him for the fear of ‘husbands are scarce’; then, she became trapped.

Janet’s CGPA from Year One to Three was on a 2.1 but as her affection for John grew intimately, her performance became bad because she could not serve two masters at a time. Her commitment to God fell drastically and she traded her godly values for sexual immoralities.

Before she could know what was happening in the relationship, she lost her virginity to a campus relationship. She cried her eyes out, she lamented after the deed has been done. To worsen it, John did not maintain all the promises of “I love you”, “I’ll be yours”, “and I won’t hurt your feelings” and so on.

Prior, to their final examination in Year Four, he acted strange to her. He no longer pick her calls as he used to and failed to make himself available for her. She blamed herself bitterly but it in the beginning, it was not so….

This is more than a fictional story, it is a reality that’s played out in the lives of many young boys and girls who went into relationship in school as opposed to facing their studies, life and career. In case you don’t know, many relationship didn’t started the way it has now turned out to be.

You cannot serve two masters at the same time.

But when you allow ignorance to cloud your sense of judgment, it’ll end up becoming what you never planned for. Are you in a relationship with someone you think you’re going to end up marrying and you’re already tolerating immoralities?

Are you giving your boyfriend or girlfriend more attention than God, your career, your vocation or future? It’s not bad to be in a relationship when you’re mature enough to handle what could likely come out of it.

But when you begin to think he loves you or she’s all you need and you then allow that to push you into sexual sin, the end of your relationship is determined. You cannot violate God’s law and go scot-free. Never!

God’s merciful but breaking the hedge, gives the devil the opportunity to steal, kill and destroy. But little did many of you know that God’s law protects you from the devil’s onslaught. Don’t have premarital sex or flee youthful lust is not said to make you unsociable, it’s only meant to prevent you from getting exposed to what will destroy you in life.

Don’t believe in lies told about celibacy. Don’t tolerate boyfriend or girlfriend relationship when you’re not yet ready for marriage. Discover purpose first before the need of a partner, otherwise you’ll destroy your life before the right partner comes.

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