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Saturday, December 17, 2016

5 Things Your Tongue says about Your Health

Written by: Chinenye Molokwu
Contributor - Muoka Chibuzor

You may not have known that your tongue is privy to many secrets of your health and wellbeing. If you observe your tongue closely, you’ll notice that it carries various signs to warn you against conditions that are brewing in your body. Therefore, it would be quite a good idea to be familiar with these signals of your tongue.

Just do a simple minor check every morning and perhaps one day you’ll benefit from this foresight.

Here are things your tongue can tell you about your health.

1. Wrinkles – Ageing
Surprising as it may be, your tongue shows signs of ageing too. If you see wrinkles on your tongue, it is most likely a consequence of natural ageing process. However, it is noteworthy that the fissures and cracks on its surface may get infected with fungal infections. This is most common in people who maintain poor oral hygiene or have poorly fixed dental appliances.

2. Redness – Vitamin deficiencies
If your tongue seems to be very red and smooth in appearance, it may be a cause for concern. A strawberry red tongue which is very smooth in texture may be symptomatic of vitamin deficiencies, particularly, that of vitamin B12 and iron. These vitamins are required for the tongue to mature and absence of these not only cause an unusual appearance but also discomfort and/or pain when consuming spicy or hot food.

3. White patches – Yeast Infections
 A white, patchy tongue which is abnormally lumpy could be caused by yeast infection called thrush which may cause mild pain or taste disturbances. It is important to get checked for thrush if you see white patches because unlike other yeast infections, it cannot be cured with over – the – counter medications and if left untreated, may cause complications.

4. Painful Sores – Stress
Sores on the tongue are often canker sores, which are typically witnessed by people who live very active lives and are prone to stress. Such sores manifest in a punched – out fashion, are quite painful, but disappear in four to five days.
Experts are not sure of the exact causality but viruses are suspected to be in play. If one has such a sore, they must get it checked only to ensure it is not cold sores, cold sores are very contagious and necessitate medical attention.

5. Malaria and Fever -- Sickness

Most times when malaria and fever takes over the human body, the tongue is not left out. It has been discovered and reported by many malaria patients that most times in such situation, the tongue tend to naturally change its natural taste of tasteless to becoming unnecessarily bitter. In most cases, a bitter tongue, can be a sign of malaria or fever. This will be noticed most perfectly in the early morning hours after sleep.

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