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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Your Life is yours and Yours Alone

Written by: Muoka Chibuzor

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Your life is yours and yours alone.

You are unique, you are you and you alone. You have no duplicate and cannot be xeroxed verbatim.

Make not the mistake, by thinking that others will take responsibility for your irresponsibility.

Life is like a coin, you can spend it however and wherever you want, but you can't get it back.

Because just like time, life flies too. And is subjected to change and often been chased every now and then, by unexpected events that are overtaking in nature.

Be bold and brave enough to go for what you want out of this life and be ever ready to accept both the desirable and undesirable outcomes.

You have lived your life correctly, only when the way you live your life does not stop the good progress of others. And does not try to stop them from living their lives too. Live and let's live.

You should always involve God in everything you do, for him to pilot your affairs and make your journey through the stony paths of life, a success and not be a bumpy ride.

Do things at the right time.

And be ever ready to learn continuously from the enigmatic life, a citadel and reservoir of knowledge with breathing atoms of experience.

Be amphibious and be ready to adapt to the ever changing conditions of life.
It’s a characteristic of essence in survival. Just as proposed by Darwin. Which is an unbiased reality.

The sad traumas of life are stepping stones to thicken your skin and make you a gladiator in your area of life.

Finally, your belief is of pragmatic importance. What you believe in will surely be of constructive or destructive effect to what goes on around you.

Be sure, what you believe in will see you through the vacillating paths of life.

Live your life because it’s yours and yours alone.

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