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Saturday, November 12, 2016


Word derived by: Muoka Chibuzor Bsc

Wistheotropism /wistheotropism/

Origin - Used by Muoka Chibuzor in an article titled - "Warriors in Daily Earthly Combat" in the year 2016.

The word was derived to explain a fact, which is “moving in response to wisdom which comes from God"

Wis = Wisdom
Theo = Relates to God
Tropism = This is the response of an organism to a particular stimulus.

Wis-theo-tropism = a response to the stimuli of wisdom emanating from God and not of man or the devil.

  1. An eye that sees the truth, coordinates the whole body to walk in the path of wisdom a feature I termed Wistheotropism.
And wisdom is that of which only God can give, a lantern that guards our footsteps... least we dash our foots on earthly stones (problems) and stumble.

For he who says there is no God in his heart, wallows in an ocean of Foolishness.

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