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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Whom To Marry - Don’t Rush Just Take Some Time

Written by: Mayowa Adeniyi

The excitement of being married or finding someone to marry is so great that it’ll make you feel you’re in a third planet. This is so because the years of being single, alone, having no one to confide in or share heart-to-heart talk with is over.

Many do not know that the transiting period from being single to become engaged or married requires lots of patience, prayer and preparation. Missing any of these processes is the cause of many failed relationships and bad marriages.

There’s nothing hastily done that would be enjoyed or done so well. Have you ever imagined how it would feel when you hurriedly sip a hot tea? The effect is a scalded tongue and sip the tea when it’s cool will become tasteless.

I know you’re now looking for someone to marry because age isn’t on your side, pressure from within and without is increasing on daily basis and the waiting process is somehow taking too long. But a little patience while doing the right thing will save your life and destiny.

Are you at the verge of finding someone to marry? Don’t rush but take some time to….

1. Learn.
A person that fails to learn will remain stunted and deficient in life. Learning is continuous. You can’t learn everything while single but you can acquire much information that will help you when you’re married.

The partner you know when you’re engaged isn’t the same person they’ll become when you’re both married. Why? Change is inevitable. You’ll become more used to each other. You’ll see the real make behind the makeup and the true person behind how they appear.

But the information you have beforehand will help you to cope when all these unfold. But if you don’t know what you ought to know, what you don’t know or prepared for will likely push you out of the relationship.

How do you learn? Read Godly books. Learn from others, their good, bad and ugly experiences. Attend seminars and conferences that would enhance your knowledge about the married life.

2. Pray.
Why should I pray before I choose whom to marry? It’ll help you see whom you’re not spiritually compatible with. Don’t settle for the physical or other forms of compatibility, pray to know if he is the one you can become his help meet or she’s the one that can help you, both now and in the future.

Now that you’re probably not engage, start praying for the person you’ll marry, telling God to keep and protect them. Pray not to make the bad choice and pray so that He can guide you through His word and through revelation.

Pray to overcome any spiritual activities going against the success of your marriage or your ability to get it right. Pray against marital delay or repeating the evil marital trend of your family, should they exist.

3. Find.
Gold isn’t found cheaply, you must take time to dig deep into the earth to discover it. The right spouse can’t be found just anywhere; they may not be in your church, location, tribe or neighborhood and you can’t find them anyhow, through dating or whatever means you want to adopt.

Who can find a virtuous woman and a faithful man? It takes God’s guidance to find them. But when you neglect God in your search, you’ll get the wrong person. Do you go about creating awareness that you’re looking for whom to marry? No! Be sensitive to His leading so that you can recognize whom He has prepared for you.

4. Be Patient.
The fact that you’re ready to be married doesn’t mean it’s the best time to venture into such. You may be right in your own timing and He’s not right in His own timing. Patience helps you to make the right choice, it prevents some future occurrence that being hasty may get you into.

Remember, it’s not how early you marry that matters, it’s how successful your marriage becomes afterwards and this is dependent on you and whom you marry.

5. Prepare.
The single life is the best time to prepare for the married life. You can’t be overly prepared for the married life but when preparation meets proper performance, success is achieved. Prepare mentally, work on your belief and value system.

Take time to build your emotional strength, the married life requires emotional maturity and stability. Don’t you forget that marriage is first spiritual before physical, build your spirit-man so that it can cope with the challenges of life and when two becomes one.

Lest I forget, strive to become financially independent before marriage. Money is not everything in life but it’s needed in marriage. Love makes marriage grow but money makes it glow.

Why rush when you can take some time to learn, pray, prepare and allow Him guide you into finding His perfect will for your life in marriage? Remember, the time spent being single can either be remembered for good or bad depending on the kind of marriage you have.

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Disclaimer:"The views expressed in this article are exclusively the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect our Editorial Policy."
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