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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Whats Next after a Relationship Breakup?

Written by: Jeremiah Oriola

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The next thing to do after a breakup is not to rush into a new relationship. This is common these days because people tend to be vulnerable in this traumatized moment. They feel the need to run away from the pain caused by the breakup, and then enter a new relationship to derive short term pleasure.

Women find it very difficult to deal with breakup and that says a lot about how they deal with their emotions. Most women are weak emotionally, which is why some men see this as an opportunity to take advantage of those women.

In fact one of many reasons women experience heartbreak more than men is because they are likely to rush into a relationship or marriage than men after a breakup. This is because when their relationship hit a snag as a result of breakup, for them to heal quickly, they tend to rush into another one believing the new one will heal their wounds. And mostly its a transient illusion...

At the end, they will find out the very relationship they seek refuge in is also a total disaster, and that's because they didn't consciously decide to go into that relationship, they jumped into it because they needed to run away from the pain caused by the breakup.

As a guy or lady, when there is a breakup and you happen to have someone you can talk or speak with, don't automatically believe the person is the next person to date simply because he or she is a good listener. It doesn't work that way.

When there is a breakup, ease yourself a bit. Take a step backward and reflect on what happened in the relationship, ask yourself how and why it ended. You should be able to identify the problem and then solve the problem before you think of dating again.

If you don't know why your previous relationship ended, and you go ahead to jump into another one, you will inevitably jump out. Relationship isn't for kids, it's for the mature minds. Some men will listen to you, communicate with you and make you feel like they are the best set of individual(s) to be with after a breakup, please don't fall for it.

Take your time, find the problem, seek for solution and provide yourself with reasons why you need to go into a relationship with a certain person.

Take note: Women take advantage of men too in some cases. Men must be careful of these women, some ladies would do everything possible to be with some of you, and thus you must stay alert at all times.

The decision is always yours.

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  1. I am so emotional at this moment because i am going to this way at now. This really difficult situation for a boy or a girl. In this time they need to more support from others.


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