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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Warriors in Daily Earthly Combat

Written by: Muoka Chibuzor

Every day we meet one challenge or the other... Challenges that separate the weeds from the crops.

This should tell us that we are warriors in daily combat.

We build up castles, roll up huge stones and hid in caves of human wisdom, to shield us from predators, forgetting it's a fight we shall never win if we alienate from God.
Some people have gone into daily combats on their own and they met their Waterloo. A very painful experience... to discover that the devil finally won.

Others went with God... they saw, they fought and they conquered. Decimating every hindrances, for those with God are with majority.
The beauty of calling God as a mediator in everything you do... Is the key to escaping the narrow paths of death, a high way to the grave.

As your lawyer, he speaks for you when your teeth's quakes and won't stand still to let you speak...

Life is deeper than you think... my father said to me, as he looked at the sky littered with shimmering stars... and shook his head in belief, amid the night.

Immediately, a cold sensation rush-passed through my spines, as though an ice block was placed on me...

Don't ever move into that battle on your own...for those that claimed they had earthly extra-superpowers mostly came home in shame... others never came back at all... such is life.

The Magnitude and Massiveness of your exploits on earth is totally dependent on God, the giver and taker of life, the beginning and ending.
He is the King maker, and when he speaks, no other voice in the endlessness of the universe... counters his decisions.

I stood up, looked afar...had a flashback, and reflected on what one of my great mentor told me... on a very sunny afternoon.

She said..."I have travelled the length and breadth of the earth, and who else would have created the universe, the mountains, the valleys, the sun, moon, stars and every earthly features..?"

Who else... she asked?

Its God, a very great God...who is extremely creative...I replied.

As a traveller in the paths of life... it’s clear to us what happens on every travel one embarks on.
  • Some people unfortunately miss the travel.
  • Some people alight from the journey and move in another direction.
  • Some people finally complete the journey.

And the end practically justifies the means...

No matter how advanced technology and modernization has taken over the hems of our affairs bar none.
Still all those sophisticated attributes of man, counts as nothing before God. The wisdom of man is stark foolishness before God.

Scientific discoveries that tried to prove the non-existence of God... never came up with laws and theories that were credible... they were all bewildered by the unexplainable, unimaginable and enormousness of God. They were lost in speculations.

It was beyond their wisdom.
And finally they cowed to the undisputable and formidable fact- God Exists in Essence.

Most atheists finally gave their life to Christ on death beds... that was after all medical and human wisdom has failed. And it was a hand writing on the wall, that Human powers are strictly bounded by limitations.
As warriors... it’s our duty to be at alert and have God as our General-Grand Commander.

For the devil comes not only to steal but to kill and destroy... when we lose our guard.

If we decide that we can do it on our own, with the strength derived from food, ego, wealth and connections.
The end thereof, is catastrophic.

An eye that sees the truth, coordinates the whole body to walk in the path of wisdom a feature I termed Wistheotropism.
And wisdom is that of which only God can give, a lantern that guards our footsteps... least we dash our foot on earthly stones (problems) and stumble.

For he who says there is no God in his heart, wallows in an ocean of Foolishness.
The need to incorporate God in all our life endeavors... means a lot in our longevity.
Let’s always be at watch, and constantly keep in touch with our Grand General who envisaged our role as warriors for earthly combats.

We are warriors in daily earthly combat and WE must WIN!

We are Born to Win.

Read about the Word WISTHEOTROPISM discover the Meaning.

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