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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Should you Force yourself on Someone?

Written by: Jeremiah Oriola

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Short and Concise…

Don't force yourself on someone. It's not good for you and of course for the relationship. I don't know what goes through your mind when you are doing this but let me be plain with you here. When you force yourself on someone, it means you are the only one seeing the specialty in that person.

Maybe you like the person's traits or personality, or you value the person's beliefs and mentality, but when such person is not doing the same to keep or appreciate your effort, there will be what I call emotional conflict.

You are only building a weak foundation. At the end, the level of respect will be flawed. If the pressure is overwhelming for the person and the person agree to start something with you, you would be the only in the relationship, you would be the only one in love and you would also be the only individual putting so much effort to keep the relationship.

Normally, when this kind of relationship leads to marriage, it usually don't last, it leads to marital unhappiness. This means the foundation of the union is weak, it not just strong enough to sustain the relationship or marriage.

When you want to start a relationship with someone, make sure you are both inclined to start something together. Make sure you are not the only one involved in the person. You should be both interested in each other, make sure when you look at each other's eyes, there is an iota of positivity. 

Know this today, if you are the only one interested, the relationship will crumble before your eyes."

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