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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Should Marriage be Compulsory?

Written by: Jeremiah Oriola

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Very Short and Concise…

Believe me, marriage is not compulsory, it is only necessary. Your life does not depend on it and the fact that you are not married does not make you irresponsible. I know few unmarried individuals that are highly responsible.

Being responsible has nothing to do with marriage. People are dying in pain today because they believe marriage to be the most important goal on their list. They badly want to go into a relationship, they feel the need to date or be in a relationship with just anyone simply because they feel or think their life or happiness depends on it. No!

You don't need a relationship or marriage to be happy, the pressure from your friends, colleagues or mom and dad shouldn't lead you to eternal pain, don't go into a relationship because you mom wants a granddaughter/son.

See, don't get me wrong, I am not saying marriage or relationship is bad. It is sweet but can also turn bad if you are with the wrong person. Pressure or negative belief pushes you to the wrong set of people in life.

You need to be ready, you really should know why you have to go into a relationship with a particular person. Your parents won't be there with you when you are experiencing the marital pain. I know parents have high grades in consoling their children, they will ask you to keep praying when in actual sense, you have been pushed to dine with the wrong person.

Get your life together, focus more on how you can become a partner that will be loved. Do not! I mean do not allow yourself to be manipulated by ANYONE, don't succumb to pressure, don't listen to negativity, don't feel bad when people complain about your singleness and please, make sure you look after yourself at all times.

It is your happiness that matters, not someone else’s happiness. If someone else is happy while you are not happy, it is meaningless to you and your existence.

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