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Saturday, November 12, 2016

On the Run as Stomach Rumbles

Written by: Muoka Chibuzor

I swaggered into school... feeling happy... greeted and laughed with friends.
Few hours later… I embarked on the business of the day. The actual business that brought me to school.

I was struggling to get my result statement... The procedures were rigorous.
I entered a particular office and was asked to search for my result senate approval among a huge pile of books and papers...

Mere looking at the pile, one feels like collapsing... but I smiled and started ransacking the whole book pile in search of my result sheet.

I started having serious stomach rumbling... In fact my stomach took to it heels...as I can literary explain.

I was so much disturbed and was in distress...could not comprehend nor act as normal... I was going gaga just like a woman in labour.
My brain was shutting out every other information and concentrated on my stomach.

I was sweating profusely... And the woman in the office was asking me if I was sick???

If you are sick...go home, your result is not running either...you can always come back...she said in a slow harsh voice.

Am feeling somehow I replied sheepishly...with my face appearing half a moon like.
Within seconds, I told her I could not continue the search...am going...
Am going... I repeated.

I patted my paddy friend by my side, please help me find mine...
My body system is working abnormally...it’s actually not working fine.

In a flash!
I dashed down the stairs of the administrative building...running as though my house was on fire...

I never stopped to say hiii to my colleagues on the walk way...
I cancelled every appointment I had with any of them...
And some felt very disappointed, as they have waited for hours, to ask me few questions.

A rumbling tummy listens to no one except the sound it makes.

Stop! Stop! I shouted at an Okada man...
Take me to Aro... To my lodge in particular...

'How much is it..sef!'

He said its N100...

I had no time for negotiations... I was engulfed with the fears of swashing the faeces on my trousers... which was a disgusting night mare... I dreaded.
And immediately we zoomed off... It was like the fast and furious movie.

On the way, it seemed as if the distance was getting longer than usually...
Oooh God save me... I soliloquizes.

Just then we got to the front of my house... I paid him off...
And rushed in...

Everyone in the building were lost in wonder... What's happening? They asked in curiosity.
I never dared to answer any of them...
I unlocked my door in brutality...
Smashed my documents on my bed...
Flaunted my wallet on my table...
And unzipped my trousers in a haste...

Immediately it went off...
I grabbed my toilet roll in vexation...
And flew to the toilet and as I entered...

I hit my head on the door top...forgetting that the door was shorter than usual.
The pains felt like nothing... Because my brain focused somewhere else...
I sat on the water system and the Hot watery faeces that has terrorised me like bokoharam...

Came out like a water flowing from a newly channeled canal...
Oooh my God!  What a relief...and just as i thought it was over... The second round started...

Tatatata...rararara....bubu....kakakaka... the rush was fearsome... I was praying my intestine doesn't go off.

And in hours I purged out the unwanted substances from my body system.
Just then I recounted what I had eaten?
And I remembered the jollof rice I ate at a shop at school... A popular restaurant for students.

Oooh my God... It was the rice... That woman is very wicked... I won't eat in that shop again... They want kill me oooh.
I lamented...

I waved my head in weakness as I left the toilet... Entered my room and laid flat on the floor.
My fellow tenants in the building could not help but laugh at me...But I never cared... I just slept off.
Am happy...Am alive. I said to myself.

Aro = is a village in Abia State, Nigeria.
Okada man = A Motorcyclist

Scientific Enquiries on Stomach Upset
Upset Stomach Symptoms

An upset stomach caused by eating or drinking too much can be accompanied by one or a combination of the following symptoms:
  1. Heartburn
  2. Nausea
  3. Gas
  4. Belching
  5. Fullness
What Causes Upset Stomach?
Upset Stomach is caused when the mucosal cells in the lining of the stomach are irritated or inflamed. 

When you have an upset stomach caused by too much food or drink, it can result in a feeling of heaviness, bloating, and overall discomfort. 

Some helpful tips to alleviate upset stomach include eating several smaller meals instead of two or three large meals, and limiting foods that may trigger upset stomach including high acid foods (tomatoes, oranges), spicy foods and caffeine.

When you experience watery stool as a result of Stomach Upsets, taking medications such as Metronidazole [Flagyl] can help cushion the effect.

What is Metronidazole?
Metronidazole is an antibiotic. It fights bacteria in your body.

Metronidazole is used to treat bacterial infections of the vagina, stomach, skin, joints, and respiratory tract. This medication will not treat a vaginal yeast infection.

  1. Metronidazole - Drugs.com
  2. Upset Stomach Symptoms & What Causes an Upset Stomach? - Pepto-bismol.com

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