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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Mimicking the Mosquitoes

Written by: Muoka Chibuzor

However insignificant and infinitesimal you think your actions, contributions, decisions will be or have been...

You may never be able to explain why some people had sleepless thoughts over those attributes of yours which you considered insignificant.
This simply means that however you live life, it still affects the people around you for good or bad.
"And when nobody talks about you, then you are nobody."- 2face Idibia.
Why should we mimic the mosquitoes?

Well, if you have never been with a mosquito in a room, you will never believe the powerfulness of this minute creature.

Knowing you strength and weaknesses in life, is a great advantage to survival and living a healthy lifestyle.

As it helps you to ascertain your preys and predators.

Mosquitoes knows that the night grants them superpowers. And thus, they operate at night. To achieve their ultimate goal of satiety... which goes a long way in giving humans, sleepless nights.

The question now is, where and when do you operate?
  • Do you operate where you are disinclined?
  • Do you operate when it’s obviously not yet time?

There's place and time for everything in life.

An operation carried out prematurely always flaunt flaws.
Even the mosquitoes metamorphose gradually with time till they attain perfection and professionalism in their roles in life.
The mosquitoes understands the crucial importance of being at a particular place at a particular time.

The seriousness of the mosquitoes at night tells us that they really meant business, with or without our consent.
This goes a long way in teaching us that... whatever is what doing is worth doing well.

Mosquitoes consider blood sucking a profession, and they have equipped themselves to perfection in their detrimental profession.
However small or huge your contributions and ambitions maybe... call a spade a spade and leave traces of impeccable legacy (work) imprinted in gold, at the hearts of men.

You should not give up on your dreams and if it takes you flying around the room (world) like mosquitoes to become what, you want to be then you should do it.
Disturb the forces of life, awake sleeping giants, dismantle intimidating eyes and rep the life you live.

Work like the mosquitoes and create positive impacts in every facets of life you find yourself, however small it maybe.

The mosquitoes are minute, and Just like atomic bombs that raze down skyscrapers.
Be an atomic mosquito!

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