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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Lovers Falling back after Breaking apart

Written by: The Concerned

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This is a short dialogue between two lovers, it tells us that most people don’t really value the person they have in their lives till they lose them. After experiences outside the hem of their relationship affairs, they often find out that they are really compatible with each other, than what they actually thought of before.
Guy – How are you?
Girl – I am fine. How are you doing? (Nervously)

Guy – I am fine too. It’s been a long time.
Girl – Yes, it indeed has. Hope life is treating you well?

Guy – Well… Life has not been the same.
Girl – It has only become better; you mean? (Sarcastically)

Guy – Are you trying to hurt me?
Girl – I never wanted to….

Guy – Then why did you? (Angrily)
Girl – I thought being with me was a pain – you said…I just wanted you to be pain free and happy.

Guy – You think now I am happy?
Girl – I don’t know ….

Guy – Are you happy?
Girl – (Looking at the coffee cup) I am trying my best to be.

Guy – do you have somebody in your life?
Girl – How does that matter anymore?

Guy – Just answer me.
Girl – It doesn’t matter…I am sure you must have found someone though.

Guy – How can you be so sure?
Girl – I am happy for you; in case you have.

Guy – (Looking at the girl) Look in my eyes and say that you are happy to see me with someone else.
Girl – (looks at the guy) I don’t need to prove anything.

Guy – yes, you need to. You need to prove that you “don’t” love me.
Girl – I dd….d…on’t Love you.

Guy – Say that you didn’t miss me even once in these two months
Girl – I ddd….didn’t miss you even once… (Tear start rolling down her eyes)

Guy – (Wiping off her tear) this says it all….
Girl – What do you mean…?

Guy – I know you still love me and you have not stopped missing me…
Girl – Then why didn’t you ever call me?

Guy – Because you left me alone….
Girl – I left you because you said living with me was a pain…

Guy – Because of an incident, I said something in anger.
Did I never tell you how living with you made me a better man?
Did I never tell you that being with you makes me the happiest person alive?
Did I never tell you that I enjoy every bitter sweet fight we have had?
Did I never tell you that I want to make things work, no matter what?
Did I never tell you…that I want to be with you forever?
Girl – You…did… (Tears start rolling down her cheeks) … I’m sorry… I left you because of something you said in anger..

Guy – (holding her hand) … I am sorry, I said that…I am sorry that I didn’t stop you…and I am sorry that I didn’t get in touch with you for these two months, and I am sorry to say that, you will have to bear with this jerk for your entire life…(sliding a diamond ring in her finger)
Girl -..W..what..

Guy – marry me. In these two months, I realized what I am without you, and how bad life could get. I don’t want to lose you ever again. Today is Valentine’s Day and I just want to ask you one thing; would you be my valentine forever?
Girl – Yes, yes of course. … (Smiling and wiping her tears off)

…. Both leaves together… holding hands …. Love is the air...

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