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Saturday, November 05, 2016

It doesn’t Matter, till it Matters

Written by: Muoka Chibuzor

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A Man in a sack of negligence, is a Man hidden from the rays of unforseen circumstances and prone to regrets.
He takes everything for granted...working below his capacity due to lack of knowledge about life's ever changing situations.

Have you been faced with different choices and you chose the wrong one not because you were oblivious of your actions.
But because you felt it matters not.
But it matters... it matters to heights that can make you quiver.

Every step you take in life matters is delicate... it’s all timed and time cannot be retrieved at convenience.
Thus preventive actions will always supersede curative suggestions.

Every moment people say it doesn't matter... they roam around in sacks of negligence... looking for likes that supports their insensitivity and indifference attitudes to precarious situations that demands optimum attention and arrest.
The tension in them heightens only when it dawns strongly on them beyond irreparable doubts that it does matter...after all.

Then the "if I had known" lingual franca is sang as a national anthem, as if they are of repentant hearts, singing as if it’s the national independence day.
Independence from IT DOESN'T MATTER SYNDROME... presumably.

Where was their God given sense of judgment and reasoning... you might ask.
What a mistake... can we wind back the hands of time, perhaps we can make things right.
Lackadaisical attitudes that lead to avoidable laments and lacrimation.

Be sensitive, Be wide awake...

My mum once told me..."The rat doesn't eat that which belongs to an awake man"
Therefore immediate actions are to be taken in issues that challenge us at every moment... let's not say it doesn't matter... because sooner or later it will matter. Action speaks louder than thoughts, words and would haves.

If we don't take actions, opportunities would be lost. And regret become ones closest ally. A stitch in time saves nine.

Ensure you are not a man cloaked with the mantra "it doesn't matter".

Because sooner or later it does matters, and probably a grain of sand becomes an ant hill.

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