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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Great ways to use Smartphone Camera in Classrooms

Written by: Global Digital Citizen Foundation [GDCF]

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Below are some useful ways to apply smartphone cameras to learning in class:

1. Instant notes:
Use a smartphone camera to snap clear pictures of lecture notes for later reference.

2. Digital storytelling:
Stories come alive using digital photography. Smartphone cameras can take excellent storybook shots you can add effects to later on.

3. Video docs:
Shooting a documentary-style project with a smartphone is an edgy and artistic way to tell your story. You can also try shooting an ad or commercial for a media studies class using the same technique.

4. Video podcasts:
Use your camera’s video to take footage while recording vlogs or video cast episodes.

5. Tutorial making:
This is a great way to check for understanding of a certain topic. Have students create either a systematic visual guide or video tutorial, using their smartphone cameras.

6. Science in Motion:
Objects in motion make a great video project idea for science class. Ou can also use it for dissecting projects, where the camera needs to get a nice quick zoom on key stages of the process.

7. Story Chains:
This is a visual take on the classic chain story exercise. One student begins with a photograph (either real or staged) and places a caption underneath it. The next student add a new picture and caption to keep the impromptu story going, and so on.

8. Photo collages:
Art classroom can become a platforms for digital image display.

9. Scanning documents:
The camera of a smartphone can be used as a scanner. It’s not the same quality as a full-sized scanner, but it does the Job.

10. Visual diaries:
Use images to create a visual record of a personal or academic journey of your choice. Check out the Chase Jarvis book, ‘The best camera is the one that’s with you’, for inspiration.

11. Portfolio additions:
Using smartphone cameras is a great way to piece together special sections for a student’s portfolio. This is a great way for students to exercise their organizational skills.

12. Photo research:
Using Smartphone cameras to take archival photos and footage can greatly enhance research projects.

13. Photo editing:
The photo enhancement capabilities on smartphone cameras are getting just as impressive as the cameras themselves. Photography classes can feature great lessons on in-camera photo editing projects.

14. Presentations:
Use your smartphone camera for making great presentations. They can be staged, or completely off the cuff (e.g. on a field trip somewhere).

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