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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Dirty Secrets of Masturbation

Written by: Joseph and Ugochukwu

Masturbation is an act that involves self-stimulation of one’s sexual organ to achieve sexual gratification or orgasm. Million today are slaves to this addictive act, and whenever this act is mentioned many believe men are the only people involved in it, but statistics reveal that 87% of men and 69% of women masturbate.

Most masturbators believe that masturbation has no adverse effect whatsoever and that is why some even encourage their friends to masturbate.

Even though some have many reasons why they masturbate, reasons like to
1. Avoid sexually transmitted diseases.
2. Improve their sexual performance.
3. Relieve sexual pressure.
4. Relieve emotional tension.

Yet in reality even with these reasons masturbation has adverse effects.  Recent studies shows that masturbation has contributed to some sexual and psychological problems people suffer from.

The adverse effects of Masturbation Includes –

1. Weak Erection
A regular masturbator can easily weaken his penile organ by applying undue or excessive pressure to his penis while rubbing it during the act. The pressure can weaken the penile muscle or veins that supply blood to his penis which enable strong erection to be achieved during sexual stimulation, thereby causing weak erection if veins are too weak to supply enough blood and if the penile muscles has been weakened.

2. Undesired Ejaculation
Frequently masturbators tends to ejaculate very quickly than it is supposed to be. If the ejaculatory reflex adapts to the condition the masturbator is forcing it, the masturbator in question will always ejaculate very quickly if eventually he engages in the normal sexual act. Some masturbators may also find it very difficult to ejaculate depending on their mode of masturbation.

3. Low Sperm Count
It takes the already manufacture sperm cells 3 months to reach maturity. Frequent masturbation can reduce the quality of sperm cells in the body of a man, and continuous masturbation could never allow already produced sperm cells to reach maturity. This can lead to low sperm count in some men.

4. Increased Sexual Libido
Some women find it very difficult to achieve satisfaction from a man during sexual act. Excessive masturbation can cause such a problem in women, especially those addicted to pornography and masturbation, their sexual fantasy controls their mind, but fantasy is different from reality because in reality their partner may not do what those pornographic actors do that fuels their mind and sexual urge, so they find it difficult to achieve satisfaction.

5. Self-centeredness
Most addicted masturbators are self-centered when it comes to sexual satisfaction, they only wants to satisfy themselves first during sex without consideration of their partner. This selfishness can put a strain in a relationship.

6. Increased cervical cancer risk
Women that often use lubricants to aid them masturbate has increased risk of suffering from cervical cancer. Prolonged use of lubricants always poses risk. Also, use of objects like candle, carrot, cucumber and dirty fingers increases the risk of causing vaginal injury or introducing harmful bacteria into the vaginal tracts which increases risk of infection.

Masturbation is even a more destructive act because it is addictive and very difficult to quit. Even with real efforts and honest intention to quit masturbation, some find out that they cannot quit, but the good news is that a chronic masturbator can stop this habit if this vital point are considered and applied.

Ways to destroy the habit of masturbation

1. Avoid Pornography
The reason why many are unable to quit masturbation is because they view pornography. It can in the form of movies, pictures, stories or audio. Pornography is just a mental fuel to the mind, the eyes and ears are directly linked to our mind and wrong information tends to stay longer on the mind. The first step to stopping this act is to avoid watching or taking in these unwholesome information.

2. Avoid dwelling on unwholesome thoughts
Most of our actions are what we thought over and over in our minds. So do not dwell on immoral thoughts because dwelling on wrong sexual thoughts will never encourage a masturbator to quit rather it will fuel his actions. Always dwell on wholesome thoughts, read up building materials and always think positively.

3. Avoid Situations that can arouse the desire
Some masturbators admitted that some situations influences them to masturbate. For some the urge to masturbate comes when they find themselves all alone in a room, read a certain type of book, or watch a certain type of movie. 

In such a situation the best remedy is to avoid such situations or to stop doing such thing once the urge has come, leave the scene and associate himself with others, but the wisest thing to avoid such situations that can arouse the desire in the first place.

4. Pray for assistance
Never underestimate the power of prayers. If you find spirit willing to quit but your weak flesh is giving in every time, then its time you pour out your trouble to your maker God who understands your troubles and struggle. God is ever ready to help you conquer this habit once you make it a subject of your prayer and constantly beg for his help.

5. Backup your prayer with proper action
Faith without wok they said is dead. So if you truly wish to quit masturbation you must show your willingness by your actions. Try as much as you can to control the urge when it comes. It was never easy for people that successfully overcame this habit and will not be for you. But be rest assured that you can successfully quit like others by working hard with proper actions.

When there is a relapse
Even after applying these above tips one may still masturbate along the line. Now remember, quitting masturbation is not automatic but a gradual process. A temporary relapse never meant you cannot quit, so instead of giving up your hard work and determination the wisest thing to do is to pause, think and evaluate what lead to the relapse. Then work harder to avoid such happening again next time.

If you are climbing a building stairway and you miss a step when you are almost at the top, you will not go back and start afresh from the bottom stair but rather you will continue from where you miss a step. A 65 years man that successfully quit masturbation said “I struggled with this habit for good 15 years, but with perseverance I came off a winner.”

An addicted masturbator can successfully quit, although the struggle to quit is a tough fight and a long road to travel. With persistent determination, an addict can come off victorious and avoid all health risks associated with the habit.

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