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Saturday, October 01, 2016

What it Means To be a Pretty Girl on Social Media

Written by: Akaahan Terungwa

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Sincerely, I Pity Girls; Honestly, I Weep For Boys!

Recently I had a chat with a girl and she ended our conversation with the words: you have no idea what it means to be a girl! 

After I left her, I contemplated deeply on these words...having been born without a sister (and practically having no female friends), I came to the conclusion that she was partially correct. I asked my best friend, who also doubles as my wife as confidant what the girl could possibly mean. 

She gave me honest answers but I sincerely wanted to know more; to feel what she had said and to validate what my wife marginally corroborated.

I jumped on Facebook and created a FAKE account with the photo of a pretty dark (African) girl. I gave her a sweet sounding name and filled all the details. For age, I left it at a mere (sweet) 16 and clearly indicated that she (I) was SINGLE.


Within 24 hours of publishing this fake profile with just a photo and some shabby details, I had over 3,000 friend requests majorly from boys (and men). Before the next 24 hours zoomed past, I officially had reached Mark Zuckerbergs cap of 5000 friends!

I took pain and accepted all of them...that was when I saw hell - and immediately understood what the girl had said to me: you have no idea what it means to be a girl!  A Nigerian guy who appeared to be a soldier (from his profile details) immediately asked me to come to Abuja and receive the best sex of my life...better than anyone had ever gave me. He promised to last for more than 3 hours!

Another folk from Kogi immediately sent me the uncensored photo of his genital.
Failing to reply, he sent me a live video of his member, arguing that my failure to respond could have been inspired by a belief that the genital in the earlier pix (sent) belonged to another man! 
Then again, another folk asked me to send him my phone number and meet him for the weekend in a hotel in Benin.

Gosh!! All in less than an hour! The messages easily became an ocean and before I could say whoa I had over 300 in my inbox already; with the majority of them starting with: hi sweetheart, hello angel, hi baby or that sort of ill thought out thrash. I wept - and immediately saw that relying them all (or even reading) could easily replace any full time job with Shell, Chevron or the CBN!

However, more was to come... next day, I started receiving calls on my iPad (I never even knew the Messenger App of Facebook had this ability)! Then, it happened: one of my (real) Facebook friends, a man I had hitherto respected joined the stupidity train, inviting me to a hotel right here in Makurdi!

Before the 3rd day ran out, I had more than 5,000 unread messages all from men who clearly were attracted to my body and wanted in one way or the other to use it - deploying varying tactics in the process. I wept some more - and decided to shut down the fake account for good.
However, I understood perfectly what it meant to be a woman in our world today, especially a single one.

  • 1. While we all blame the girls for being damn loose today, it will only take the strength that comes from strong moral conviction to avoid/resist the crazy pressure out there for stupid sex from men. Sincerely, our girls need both our prayers and moral support!
  • 2. The generation of boys/men we are breeding today leaves much more to be desired...99.9 percent of them are mere he-goats (no apologies)!
  • 3. It is truly a crazy world we live in! Sincerely, I pity girls; honestly, I weep for boys/men!

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