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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

The 5 Rules God gave to every Single Man

Written by: Myles Munroe

When you read the first Marriage in history, it’s found in the Constitution of our Country [the holy Bible]. Section Genesis, subsection 2, article 24 – Genesis 2:24.

1. The man should be in the Presence of God
Here is what it say, First of all it says…
God took Man and Put him in the Garden of Eden.
The word Eden is a complicated word in Hebrew, very important. The word Eden means “Spot”, it means delightful spot. But God made the first Man and put him in his presence.

The First thing a man needs is not a woman
Are you getting it???
The most important thing a man needs [a male] is the presence of God. And a woman should meet you in the presence of God.

Some women amaze me…..
They leave the presence of God and go into the Bush and find a brother and then try drag him back to the presence of God, where he should have already been.
“Come on you gonna, come brother, ooh yes you will…” she persuades the brother.
Eve met Adam in Eden

2. The Man should Work
The next thing God told the male Genesis 2:15…. One simple word
Can you say it again???

God gave man work before woman.
That means a Man needs a job before he gets a woman.
God’s priorities are very clear.

3. The man should cultivate the Woman
 The third thing God told Man Genesis 2:15
He says Cultivate.
Cultivate means to bring out the best in everything around you.
To maximize the potential of everything around you.
To make everything Fruitful.

He only said that to the male.
That’s why God will never give a male a finished woman. The male was created by God to create what he wants.
The woman you are looking for brother, doesn’t exist. She is in your head – your job is to take the raw material you married and cultivate it into the woman in your head.

So you being married for 20 years and you still don’t like the product that you get? That’s your fault.
Jesus Christ was a real man, when he talked about his wife [the church]. He says, husbands love your wife, like I love my wife.

Now he is telling you how to do it.
He says,
You wash her with the word, then you remove every spot, every wrinkle, and every blemish and present her to yourself … ooh
Present her to yourself, he said.

If your wife puts on a little bit of weight, and you don’t like the fact that she is putting on weight, don’t criticize her.
Wake her up 6’o clock, and say come baby let’s go jog…. Cultivate her, cultivate her… ooh come on baby, come on, come on baby.

You don’t like her dress? Take her down to Sax Stive Avenue, and pay for it… cultivate her

She can’t speak good English?
Send her to school and pay for her tuition.

4. The man should protect the woman
The fourth thing God told man.
He says Guard the Garden.
A male must be the protector of everything under his care.

That’s why God gave you a stronger bone frame.
A bigger muscle mass, not to abuse the woman but to protect the woman.

5. The man should know and teach the woman the word
The last thing God gave man was his word. God gave man his word.
God says Adam do not touch the tree.
God never told the woman about the tree – NEVER.

Which means the male was the only one who got the word of God.
His job was to teach his wife, the word of God.
Nothing can frustrate a woman faster than this statement. A woman would always ask a man… so what do you think?

And the dummy would answer, what do you think?
Don’t do that brother, don’t do that.
She’s looking for knowledge and direction.

Finally God said - 
Now don’t just read the statement fast…
Slow down and read it again...

It’s not good for this man to be alone.

What man? The man he is referring to is the man - who is in his presence, working, can cultivate the woman, can protect the woman and teach the woman the word.

So here is the problem,

If a woman meets a man who don’t like the presence of God, not working, cant cultivate and improve her, can’t protect her and don’t know Gods word…

It’s good for that Man to be ALONE.

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