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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Reasons to Stay Away from Intimate Relationships during NYSC

If You Think You are A Player, You Will Definitely Meet Your Coach There!
Written by: Oga Prime

In My Own Opinion Steer Clear Of Relationship(s) In Camp And During Service Year.
I served my fatherland from 2014-2015, so I have little or good experiences about service year, so this goes out to those yet to serve.
I had in mind to write on this topic before batch B 2016 prospective corps members were called for service year but something happened of recent that “gingered” me to put up this write up.

Relationship here I mean, a love relationship between a male and a female and as small as relationship is, it cannot be removed from service year.
In my own opinion, I think all prospective corps members should steer clear off relationship because from what I gathered, most of such relationships end on the day of Passing Out Parade (POP). 

Why is this so? It’s because NYSC is the gathering of people from different parts of the country. Majority go back to their “before NYSC” base thereby putting an end to such relationships.

I am for friendship and not for relationship.

In my own opinion, if you are in a very serious relationship before going to camp or for service year, I will advise you to stay glue to your relationship, no cheating, and no hanky-panky. 

Tests of every kind will hit your relationship and it will be for your own good if you constantly assure your partner with a clean and open hands and with unchanging behaviors and attitudes that you are still in a relationship with your partner.

In my own opinion, if you are single before going to camp or for service year, I will advise you to remain single throughout service year but be on the lookout for responsible, matured, future focused individuals or person who you think can be a good life partner.

If you are unable to see these kind of persons, it’s of advantage that you will still remain “clean” as possible for your future partner.

These are the following reasons why you should stick to your partner at home or remain single:

1) Different backgrounds:
Prospective corps members come from different backgrounds, religions, tribes, cultures etc. starting a relationship during service year might lead to nowhere due to difference in backgrounds.

2) Different place of primary assignment:
This is for those thinking of coming to camp to hook up with new babes or guys. “What camp has joined together, let PPA put asunder”

3) Different pre-NYSC location:
People come from different parts of Nigeria for service year. I know of some that met during service year and it was “we love each other so much”. Few weeks after POP, “we love each other so much” turned to “to your tent O Israel”

4) No heart breaks or emotional trauma:
Some people don’t know how to play football but they had the mind set to be like C.Rolando and Ronaldinho during service year breaking hearts, twisting hearts, deceiving hearts. Steer clear and you won’t experience this.

5) Savings:
Using my personal experience, I was (and still is) in a relationship before my service year and I stayed true throughout my service year. If I had gotten into “service year” relationship, I wouldn’t have saved some reasonable amount out of my allawee – NYSC payments.

6) Respect for being self-disciplined:
Most “service year” couples make use of each other to the core. This is for the ladies because most of them do give out their time, money, energy and body to the “service year” relationship thinking it will lead to the altar. If you discipline and control your self during service year (i.e. no sexual activities), your current or future partner will respect you for being truthful and trustworthy even without much surveillance. Even you yourself will respect and place more value on yourself.

7) Lose-lose situation:
You are in a serious relationship before service year but you decided to get involved in a “service year” relationship. Later on you changed towards your "home based" partner because of your service year partner so as just to “eat your cake and still have it”.

After POP, your service year partner goes back to his/her base forgetting about you. It’s at that point you remember you have a home based partner. I am sure the home based partner won't continue the relationship with you again. At the end, it’s a lose-lose situation.

I hope my 2kobo can make you buy time to think very well on having relationship or not during service year. At least, in my own opinion, steering clear of relationship during service is for your own good.

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