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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Muslim Woman Gives God Condition to become a Christian

Story by: Padina

Video by: The Voice of the Martyrs

Edited by: RCB Editors

Allah is a distant and cruel god, yet many Iranians are ready to die for him – Iranian pastor
Anyone who converts from Islam is an Apostate.
Apostasy is punishable by death. – Islamic law
A woman Padina lives in Iran.

This is her story…

As a child I started to recite the daily prayers. Before I would go to school, I would memorize the Quran. I hated Christians with passion, and I became very happy whenever I heard about Christians being persecuted.  They always told us that if we killed a Christian, we had a one-way ticket to Heaven.

I worked very hard to follow every rule of Islam to the very core and would never be found wanted in any events related to my religion, Islam. If I thought I hadn’t washed correctly, I would stop in the middle of my prayer session to wash correctly and start all over again. This would happen 10 times in one prayer session, in fact I was obsessed with Islam.  

I saw Islamic law as the most superior above every other law that ever guided the Universe. And whoever believed in Jesus is an Infidel.

Years later I became very depressed and suicidal, I felt so distant from Allah and my mom was very sick and at the critical point of dying. I said to my mom, “I am going to kill myself” I feel frustrated and can’t bear all these misfortunes and calamities befalling us.

Mother replied – If are going to kill yourself, you have to kill me as well.
I replied her saying “I will do this for you and we will both die”

One day, as we turned on our Television set, a man of God was ministering and he said –

My Brothers and sisters, am with you tonight.
The lord has a special message for you tonight
If you are hopeless, if you are oppressed
If you are planning to commit suicide
The lord says stop!
He has a hope and a future for you
If you are planning to kill yourself stop!
And call me…

The pastor broadcasted his cell phone contact for people to contact him and my mom quickly called him.

My mom spoke to him for an hour, but I was amazed and curious, because I couldn’t believe that my mom would want to call a Christian pastor even when she was aware of our concrete Islamic background.
She asked me to speak with the man and I refused vehemently.

She said “I’m going to do this, Nothing is going to stop me tonight”

I saw that my mom was repenting, and doing the prayer of salvation as she still spoke still with the pastor, on phone.

I became furious and I asked her – “Why in the last second of your life did you do this? Now you are going to Hell! ”

Mother said, Please pandina! Speak with this man of God. Please talk to him and ask him about Jesus.

I quickly replied,
Jesus can do nothing! Jesus is nothing,
I will not blaspheme Mohammed.
By speaking to this infidel.

And my mom wept bitterly as a result of my firm response.
Few seconds later I felt touched and moved by her tears and then I decided to take the phone from her and speak to the pastor. Heloo…

The pastors said the following during an Interview.
“When I talked to her, she was cold, she was frightened, she told me very proudly “Am gona kill myself and your Jesus cannot do anything for me.”
After about an hour of argument with her, I couldn’t change her mind. “I just want to die”, she said firmly.
Then the pastor said to her…

You said it yourself, Allah has done nothing for you.
Give Jesus just one chance, you can always kill yourself next week.
She was thinking, okay I pray and by next week this time, if Jesus has not done anything for me, I will call alive on the air and I will tell everybody look – I tried Jesus for a week and nothing has changed. And am gona kill myself tonight, and I will do it on the air.

Padina in thoughts……
When he gave me this challenge, I thought, “This is the best way I can serve Allah this one last time before I commit suicide”
When I kill myself on this live program, I can say to Allah – “Even taking my life was for you”

Early the next morning, I was awakened by a sound.
I saw my mother walking, and she was walking perfectly. 

I told her we needed to go to the hospital immediately. And when we got to the hospital, the doctor checked the results of the blood work and the MRI [Magnetic resonance imaging], and the damage in her body system was gone.

The doctor said, “This is a miracle, there is no MS(Multiple Sclerosis) in her body”

I quickly replied, that is not possible, something must be wrong

The doctor replied firmly, “there is nothing wrong, this is a miracle! What Imam did you pray to?” He asked with all seriousness.

Just then I had a flashback about the past events, which lead to the miracle.
What Imam did you pray to? He asked again with all seriousness.

It wasn’t an Imam, it was Jesus! I replied him.

When I said those words, my heart changed. And I told Jesus, You are the living God.
You cleansed me and filled me. I will give up my life for you.

Today, Padina and her Mother are apostates. They risk their lives by ministering in Iran’s underground church.

Please pray for Christians facing persecution around the world.
Please pray.

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