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Saturday, October 01, 2016

How Soon is Soon

Written by: George Ben and Matt Accuardi

How soon is “Soon”?

I believe deep in everyone reading this piece right now is the desire to be successful. I know what it means to be poor and it is not a good place to be at. However, the desire to be successful is not enough. The book of Psalms tells us, “One thing have I desired, that will I seek.”

It is a very common saying today, “The proof of desire is pursuit,” but when something becomes common they lose their meaning. So I will say the evidence that you truly desire something is in your action. Action trumps everything.

It is good to practice positive confession. You can wake up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror and declare that you are rich. But that is not enough. Anybody can do that even though most people don’t. You can read an article like this and be fired up.

When you look at the comment section you will find a lot of “Hmm! I am inspired,” comments. But that is not enough. What I want to address today is one very common attitude I have observed among us that is keeping many of us at a standstill in life. It is the word, “SOON.”

Listen, successful people don’t have “soon” in our vocabulary. We don’t use “soon” in our language. Maybe once in a while, but not on serious issues. Like I always say, “Soon is not a day of the week.” Successful people are definite. Not only are we definite, we became successful by being definite.

Until you learn to hold yourself accountable; until you learn to be precise; success will elude you. You will just be another wishful thinker and like they say, “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” If anytime you are asked a question pertaining to time and “soon” shows up in your response it means you are still far from being ready for the success journey.

“Soon” can be tomorrow and it can be a hundred years from today. So, which is it? Tomorrow or a hundred years? When you don’t want to commit to a thing, “soon” comes to the rescue.
When will you be getting that book? Soon.
When will you be taking that class? Soon.
When will you be registering for that course? Soon.

How soon is “soon”?
What most people don’t know is that when “soon” becomes a recurring word in your vocabulary you shortchange yourself, your family, your nation. You will continue to live far below your installed capacity until you become definite.

How Soon is SOON with FAITH
NOW Faith and Soon.......let’s think of the caterpillar. He looks in the mirror and says I'm a butterfly. And others in the forest say no you are a hungry worm with too many feet. He may not appear it now but he is in fact a butterfly. So for him to say soon I will fly is acknowledging an inevitable process.

Yet he cannot see what he will become, his faith is upon his hope. Yet if he were to follow some impatient faith teachings, he would jump off the limb up high to fly and plummet to the earth and die.

So the works of faith properly applied in his case is to continue to eat leaves and be a caterpillar knowing that there is a process in motion and soon is part of this case.
You should learn to be content and learn to prosper where you are and that will grow. 

If you only have your hands and feet then learn to use them and find contentment with your hands and feet. This will cause them to have value to you and then before long as you invest your hands and feet then soon you will have gloves and shoes. And on it goes and the whole time you will have contentment and you will grow.

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