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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Who do you listen to in a Relationship?

Written by: Mayowa Adeniyi                                      |Edit Article

Christian-Relationship article

In that Relationship, Who is telling you what to do? We have to listen more than we speak. Not all people like someone who has a big mouth. We have to remember the ratio – two ears : one mouth.
-"My friend told me to allow him have sex with me just once as a proof of my love to him, but..." She narrated in agony... 
-"I only wanted him to touch me in a romantic way but we're not planning on having sex, but it was unfortunate", she expressed bitterly... 
-"I enjoyed how love and relationship was played out from that movie so I decided to give it a try in our relationship", she shuttered enthusiastically... 
-"Omo, no dulling for here o. Na to Sama the babe if I don love her small", he told his friends and they cheered him up... 
-"Guy, no dull yourself o. You think say this babe go still dey follow you if you no give am sex. She go dey collect am elsewhere o, shine your eyes", he frankly told him...
There are over a hundred words that is often said in a relationship that leads the parties involved to do what they're doing. Some words would come from a third-party while some could be indirectly copied from the media.

Words have power to influence your decision in life, whether you're told or you conceive it from within. The kind of life many are presently living in their relationship is a function of the words they allowed to influence their decisions.

God asked Adam, who told you that you're naked? Have you eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded you that you should not eat? He went on further to ask Eve, what is it that you have done? (Gen. 3:11, 13).

May I ask you same, who told you to be doing that which seems right to you in that relationship?

Here are the three sources of words that exerts itself upon everyone especially when you don't know the truth yourself.

1. Words from Self.
The voice of the flesh always speak to everyone, the only victory you have over it is to mortify the deeds of the flesh. When you look yourself in the mirror and you concluded that your breast is small, you're too dark in complexion or that you're not looking sexy; the flesh is speaking to you.

When you think of a dubious means of making more money and you got this creative insight, the flesh is speaking to you. Any voice that comes from within and pushes you into doing negative things in your relationship or life is from the flesh.

Herod gave an oratorical speech and he was applauded but he failed to give God the glory. Don't allow the flesh lead you into death because it will destroy you faster before you'd realize it.

2. Words from Men.
Show me a man that has friends as sinners and I'll tell you he's not different from them. My sons and daughters, if sinners entice you, consent you not (Prov. 1:10). When you seek advice from ungodly friends, the outcome of their advice will be detrimental to your life and destiny.

Any friend that tells you to tone up your skin, use your body to get what you want, prove your love to him with sex is a friend that wants to destroy you beyond repair.
Jonadab gave Amnon the advice that destroyed his life and cut him short at the prime of his life (2 Sam. 13). So would you allow the words from men (friends) destroy you? And be careful, they are all in religious gatherings (fellowships, camps, conferences, churches etc.)

Men (man and woman) also make up the media, entertainment, fashion industry and the society we live in. Any words they tell you as against God's will destroy your life. God says, flee fornication; the society says, if you cannot hold your body, use a condom. The society says, there are scientific benefits why you must have sex before marriage, God says, marriage is honorable and the bed undefiled (Heb. 13:4). Whose word will you obey?

3. Words from the Devil.
Many believe the devil is an ugly creature, but little did they know that He's the most beautiful of God's created being. As beautiful as he is, so does he whisper 'beautiful' lies to the heart of men. He spoke to Eve that she won't surely die if she eat the fruit (Gen. 3:4-5) as opposed to what God told them (Gen. 2:16-17).

Any voice you hear from your heart that contradicts God's will is mostly from the devil speaking through your flesh as a voice of reasoning. It is the devil that will tell you to compare yourself with other ladies to see how tight fitted their clothes her.
It is the devil that will tell you to enlarge your sexual organs when you're not legally married. He will tell you to market your body for rich men who are eager to pay for your service.

Ah! The devil will destroy you if you continue to listen to his words. You know why? He's a defeated foe already who is looking for whom to devour.
I don't know who's telling you to do what you're doing in that relationship but what I know is that if it's not to live righteously, godly and holy in this present world; the consequence of it would be too grievous for you to bear.

Don't allow men (your friends, parents, and society), the voice of your flesh and the devil to deceive you for whosoever is deceived is not wise.

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