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Monday, September 19, 2016

We are What we Choose to Become

Written by: Fr. Anselem Adodo

Over the last 20 years, I have been fully involved in treating people with different illnesses.  I noticed a tendency towards more subtle illnesses. As human beings become more complicated and adopt a so – called modern, sophisticated mode of life, so also do our illnesses become more complicated.

I have noticed a tendency towards strange illnesses like, persistent headaches that defy all medication, prolonged arthritis, nervous disorder, character disorder, persistent weakness and tiredness, low sperm count in men and general infertility in men and women.

I have been amazed at the huge number of infertile couples in our society today. By my own estimation, two out of every five marriages in Nigeria the last ten years have problem with conception. Other complaints are: eating in the dreams, having sex in dreams, waking up to find bloody marks on the body.

Psychologists might dismiss these as mere psychosomatic reactions. But what does psychology really know about the mystery of the human person? Let’s face it, we have a big challenge before us. The easy way out is to dismiss the whole thing as lack of enlightenment or superstition. I challenge African thinkers, sociologists and anthropologists to wake up and reflect on this phenomenon.

The most common complaint of modern man and woman is stress. But it is not only human beings that are stressed. The plants are stressed. The lower animals are stressed. The cosmos itself is stressed. Science has exploited the world’s energy field in such a way that we are being negatively affected.

Every day we are bombarded with electro – magnetic stress, Radio – waves, Micro – waves, Telegraph signals, Telephone rays, all expose the organs of the body, brain, eyes, liver and kidney to stress. Telephones radiate very powerful positive but harmful energies, more powerful but harmful energies, more powerful than X-ray, that they penetrate the brain and the organs and put pressure on them.

The result is constant stress, tiredness, headaches that defy any medication. Electric shavers, Television and Computers produce rays that are damaging to the system when exposed to them for a long time. The most dangerous, however is mobile telephone. The rays are so powerful that they penetrate into the brain, affect and even change the human cells.

Harms caused by Electromagnetic waves 
emanating from our devices
These rays create electro – magnetic fields that are positive but very harmful to the cells. The result is that abnormal cells begin to form, leading to cancer, fibroids, and other strange illnesses. Nowadays we have a lot of forces to contend with.
We have the forces of nature, viruses, bacteria and parasites. The air we breathe contains so many unseen viruses, but not enough to overpower the immune system of the body. Our immune system is able to cope with these billions of unseen viruses and bacteria.

However, by our own devices, we have systematically weakened our immune system, and exposed ourselves to hitherto unknown ailments. The electromagnetic energy spectrum radiates through nature: the seas, mountains, plants, earth and rocks. By living close to the land and nature, we receive this energy into our own energy fields and so are energized.

However, as we build more highways, manufacture steel cars, build bridges, and make electronic gadgets, all of which absolve a great percentage of the universal energy field, we become prone to hitherto unknown and strange illnesses. While our bodies vibrate at a frequency as low as 35 or 40 Hz, the electrical gadgets we use have a frequency as high as 250 Hz. It is no wonder then that we are physically weaker than our ancestors.

Expired drugs, deposition of toxic wastes, soaps containing mercury, air pollution; all these are contributing to the rapid decline of health of our people, thereby increasing their need for chemical drugs. The sole beneficiaries, of course are the vast pharmaceutical companies of Europe and America. Thus the rich continues to grow richer and the poor grows poorer.

I discovered, to my amazement, when I was in the republic of Ireland in May 2002, that there still exist some companies that manufacture medicated and skin – bleaching soaps for importation to West Africa. These soaps contain, among others, Mercury, a chemical so dangerous that it severely damages and weakens the immune system.
These companies were publicly banned in England, but same English government helped them to shift their base to Dublin, the capital of the republic of Ireland. 
Twelve different brands of imported skin whitening creams found
laden with toxic mercury, including nine already banned
by the health authorities.
I walked around the city of Dublin and the only shops were I could find soaps containing Mercury are in African shops, patronized by young African ladies, mostly Nigerians, who want their skin to resemble the European skin as much as possible.

Skin Bleaching using Mercury
Also many brands of lipsticks and deodorants have been implicated in the spread of cancer among women. Study has shown that Butyl Benzyl Phthalate, or BBP, can interfere with the healthy development of breast tissue, leading to breast cancer.
Most often, it is the poor, plundered countries of Africa and Asia who have to pay for the greed and crass materialism of the rich nations, who have beautified and developed their nations with the sweat from the brow of the poor.

However the rich nations are paying highly for their opulence. While conquering the world, and gaining control over it, and exploring it, they lost sense of the basic elements of life. Western man and woman have purchased materialism at the cost of their soul, pulling themselves away from the earth, from nature.

Humankind seems to have lost their conscience. The result is intense anger and bitterness; leading to violence and war. The millions of immigrants from the plundered poor countries who sit at the gates of rich nations without being given access to their opulence reminds them that there will be no peace unless there is equity and justice in the world.

The situation can be summarized in the words of this anonymous writer:
When the gap between the rich and the poor widens, the poor keep awake because they are hungry, and rich cannot sleep because the poor are awake”.
Whether we like it or not, we are responsible for what we become. We are what we eat. Our happiness is in our hands. 

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