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Sunday, September 18, 2016


Written by: Ifunanya Maduegbunam

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The power of prayers cannot be overestimated. A prayerful person is a powerful person. Every religion, belief system, cult and kingdom believe in prayers. They only differ in mode and whom they are being made to. Why is this so? Because there is power in prayers.

You, reading this, you don't value prayers. It becomes a burden and disturbance to you when you are asked to pray. I pity you. You leave yourself vulnerable to the physical and spiritual evils of this world. If you can be given just a minute to see into the spiritual realm what happens around us every day, I believe you wouldn't joke with prayers. The day I saw something I cannot ordinarily see, I became surer of the fact that evil and good, and darkness and light exist.

I beseech you to be prayerful. Eschew whatever that can hinder your prayers. Even if you are not seeing results, keep praying. It is working. Every prayer is potent. Don't underestimate it.

Prayers are like seeds. Some sprout immediately. Some don't. Because of their nature, they have different process and timing of growth. They first of all gather a strong tap root and other roots and then sprout into giants. If what you are asking for is delaying, know that it is great. Don't stop praying. If you do, you stop the process and probably kill the seed. Keep praying and watering it with praises, faith, positive confessions, cheerful giving and good deeds. You will be surprised when your seed sprouts and grows into a giant.
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I reiterate: there is power in prayers. Constant prayers make you a warrior. You need not be physically strong. But you need to be spiritually strong. Look small on the physical but be big in the spirit. Fight battles on your knees and in your closet even if it makes you look daft. Be won physically. But don't be won spiritually. The spiritual influences the physical.

How can I build a prayerful life? When I START AND KEEP praying.

God Bless You My People.

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