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Saturday, September 03, 2016

The Nigerian Bingos and Buhari

Written byPeter Claver Oparah                                        |Edit Article

"Over 20 billion dollars unremitted to federation account, Nigeria economy will crumble if nothing is done..." - HRH, Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi.
Bingo's: He is an alarmist.

"Whoever wins 2015 will never find it easy. Over 30 trillion is mismanaged, unaccounted for or missing under Jonathan... " - Prof Charles Soludo.
Bingo's: He is desperate.

"Our reserve is depleted and our savings squandered. Our nation is in trouble..."
- Dr Oby Ezekwesili.
Bingo's: She is an alarmist looking for appointment.

"For seven months, NNPC did not remit any money into federation account. When I called as a sitting governor and major oil producing state, Deziani Alison Madueke refused to take my call..." - Senator Godswill Akpabio.
Bingo's : He is trying to please Buhari.

"I wanted to save but Jonathan has no political will. That is why we are in crisis because we squandered our boom..." - Okonjo Iweala. ...
Bingo's : She doesn't want to be arrested.

Dear Noisy Bingo's,
Whatever is the state of economy today was prophesied by our own Nigerians long time ago. The only problem is that your memory capacity is less than 1 milibyte. Prof. Soludo wrote to Nigerians what they will suffer irrespective of the party that will win.
Why then are you celebrating IMF recession?
You ignored Emir Sanusi's warning
You ignored Oby Ezekwesili's warning
You ignored Prof Soludo's warning
You ignored Akpabio's confession
You ignored Okonjo Iweala's testimony.
You are now celebrating IMF diarrhea.

Your idiocy is amazing!!!!
I love facts.

Dr. Okotete should know what is going on in Nigeria, the oil producing nations and indeed the world economy today. He lives and works in the Middle East as a Medical Practitioner. The Middle East is the hub of the world's oil business. It is the epicenter of the oil trade as nearly every country in the region produces and sells oil. In fact, like Nigeria, oil is the mainstay of the Middle East economy but unlike Nigeria, the region has made good use of its oil wealth.

It has greatly improved its infrastructure base, buoyed its human resources, raised the standard of living astronomically, diversified its economy and saved quite enough for the rainy day. Saudi Arabia, a leading country in the Middle East, saved a whopping $675 billion in its foreign reserve at a time when Jonathan and his hirelings made a dance of whittling down the $54 billion Obasanjo saved in our own foreign reserve to $27 billion by the time Nigerians unanimously showed them the door in March 2015. 

Faced with the dwindling oil proceeds, Saudi Arabia is borrowing for the first time in its history. Other oil producing countries are facing severe strictures which had affected the global economy but the Bingos in Nigeria and their corrupt patrons who refused to save for the country's rainy day will rather have us lynch Buhari that they are not free loading as they used to do.

But Nigeria is one long stretch of a sad story where oil has rather served as a curse. Through endemic corruption and clear leadership deficit, most of the accruals from oil had been stolen especially in the Jonathan regime where a recent report showed that the country harvested N51 trillion (more than all other regimes combined) from a providential oil boom and almost all were stolen! Nigeria has become a story in reverse civilization because of oil.

The country abandoned every other sector of the economy in pursuit of the free money from oil. This chase for free petro dollars bred one of the most astounding cases of corruption the human race has witnessed. These are not of any interest to the Nigerian Bingo. He is just concerned with reminiscing how easy life used to be when he was swimming in lots of illicit money and of course curse Buhari for ending his corrupt honeymoon.

I don't know the Bingo Dr. Okotete was talking about in his post but reading through, it is not difficult who he was referring to. That very fellow that is so finding it hard to put behind the electoral defeat of the out-gone Jonathan regime to the extent that he is seized with a repugnant death wish today is the Bingo. The Nigerian Bingo is cornered by his indecent selfish desire that he sees no way out of his quagmire.

His quagmire is not the same as that of other Nigerian who is suffering from the calamitous vandalization of this well-endowed country by the last and previous regimes and hopes for the better with the assured measures taken so far by the Buhari regime. The Nigerian Bingo is seized with such acute rage that he has long stopped thinking. Reasoning is not his forte. He stopped reasoning the moment Buhari ended his merry-go-round in 2015.

His reasoning had received further bashes since Buhari started an anti-corruption battle to rescue the soul of Nigeria from where it was stranded by the Bingos and their masters. He has tried everything humanly possible to arrest the anti-corruption war or taint it but has failed. This failure has rather exacerbated the frustration of the Nigerian bingo and makes him increasingly paranoid and hateful of Buhari.

The Nigerian bingo is a mobile danger! He is a looming disaster to himself and the society and in his state, he considers nothing too mean or too bizarre to realize his aim. He is beside himself with rage. His frustration is reaching a boiling point. He is not frustrated the way you are. His own frustration is terminal and while yours may have a ready cure, his has no known remedy.

His praying points are as fatal as they are sadistic. 'Buhari must die', 'there will be coup', 'Nigeria must break up', 'There should be war', 'Nigerians should start fighting and killing each other'.....and the crush with fatality mounts on. As his frustration builds, so is his predilection to fatality. He is mad at Nigeria. He is apocalyptic. He is just a bomb waiting to explode!

Buhari is not about to die, as he prays daily. But this had been his prayer since 2015 when he noticed that Nigerians were irrevocably committed to ousting the Jonathan regime which defeat at the polls forced him the present pitiable status. In fact, these Bingos advertised Buhari dead during the electioneering period and poor Bingos, they are still praying for his death. The bingo fumes there will be a coup to remove Buhari but he is scant on who will will carry out the coup or whether such coup will bring back his beloved Jonathan to power.

The Nigerian bingo has tried his hand in everything to undo Buhari and Nigeria but continues to fail. Nigeria is not breaking up just because he lost power and means of illicit patronage. The world is not about to tumble because he has been stopped from stealing. Poor fellow, he does not know that the prayer of the wicked is a reproach in the sight of God. 

If you want to know the truism in this, ask the battalion of prophets, men of the gods and self-commissioned evangelists who were mobilized with millions of dollars to pray for the return of Jonathan last year? Where are they today? What of those whose mission was to ferry millions of dollars through cross-Atlantic routes? Where are they today?

They are defeated by God's right judgment to rescue His people from perdition and that is why we are here today. Because their prayers are negative to God's design about Nigeria, they have watched with increasing consternation as each and every of their deadly wishes pass over Buhari and the country. They have watched in impotent frustration as Buhari bumbles in fascinating good health. They have watched in confusion as the country walks through each and every of their land mines and gets stronger with each of their challenges.

The Nigerian bingo is a candidate for immediate suicide if he can just summon the courage to end it up rather than live in a Nigeria governed by Buhari. If he has the guts, he would have ringed himself with bombs, entered the state house and finished himself and perhaps Buhari off. 

But he is a boneless coward. He is a pleasure-loving sybaritic eunuch who would rather source comfort in endlessly shouting and abusing Buhari for the simple reason that he ended the life of padded luxury he was living when stealing was not corruption. The Nigerian Bingo is an irredeemable coward who still wants to live while painting pictures of Armageddon in a Nigeria led by Buhari. He still loves life, even in the damaged picture he has painted of life in Nigeria today. He still invests in 2019 even when he has no idea how his woes will not deepen by that date.

The Nigerian bingo is so benumbed with rage that he sources flimsy comfort from sounding off in hot, abusive words against Buhari. He tries futilely to cool off by inventing unimaginable insults on Buhari. He does these for just no reason than that Buhari defeated Jonathan and displaced the rotten and corrupt order the Bingos have been eating from but which brought Nigeria to its knees today.

President Buhari has told Nigerians that the era of free looting is gone; that Nigerians should learn to live off their handiwork and not depend on looted money to survive. He has told Nigerians that even if the Byzantine stealing that marked the corrosive Jonathan era were allowed to continue, there is no money to steal as the oil, which fueled such insensate larceny is not yielding much again. Buhari has told Nigerians to adjust their ways and take the economy off from over dependence on oil.

Buhari has advised Nigerians to shun holistic importation of freebies and replace essentials with local products because the country doesn't have the foreign exchange to sustain such dependence on foreign goods. Buhari has followed this up with massive investment of the scarce resources in infrastructures, agriculture and critical sectors as against corrupt looting of resources to sustain a temporary but expansive corruption chain. 

He had embarked on all these because there is just no alternatives. These are the less traveled roads Nigeria has abandoned in the chase for illicit oil money and for which we are where we are today. Reasonable Nigerians have gone to their farms and adjusted to live within their means. But the Nigerian Bingos are still entrapped in a futile romance with the good old days when plundering was legit.

The Nigerian bingo has invaded the social media with one aim in mind: bring down the house on all of us. His wares in these fora are conegentinal lies, Ill-digested gossip, incitement, hate, forgeries and every other thing he feels will make Buhari look bad and put Nigerians against each other. He won't mind Nigeria going up in flames for him to realize his objective-whatever it is. He is adept at spreading concocted tales of mischief about the country. He is an expert in inventing silly and often puerile lies that do not live beyond his mischief.

The Nigerian bingo is the alarmist that is stranded hopelessly on sounding false alarm on everything, with the singular hope of kindling an insurrection. He is the pay-per-view columnist that dishes out purely digestible and pejorative viewpoints to provoke bad blood against Buhari and his government. 

The Nigerian bingo is the itinerant commissioned jobber, strutting from one radio station to another television station, seeking to be invited as 'analyst' to give him a window to spew raw rubbish and try to seduce Nigerians to join the anti-social rejects of the present order to fight Buhari.

He is the prophet of doom whose unchangeable byline is that Nigeria will never heal from the gashes inflicted on Nigeria by insensate acts of corruption. But Nigeria has a male president with balls in President Buhari unlike in the recent past. He is molded to face all the challenges thrown his way by the Bingos. 

He is steely and made of rot-free iron. He is the divine plan to save Nigeria from a sure perdition and he is living true to his commission. Success is the only assured outcome for his actions despite the antics of the Bingos and Nigeria is surely on the paths of positive reinvention with him in charge.

Peter writes from Ikeja, Lagos.

He can be reached at

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