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Monday, September 19, 2016

Stages of Sexual Perversion

Written by: Mayowa Adeniyi

I'm In a Relationship: Flee The Appearance of Evil!
Do you know that many relationship that ended on a sad note usually started well on a platter of bliss?

Evil doesn't just happen all of a sudden to people in life, it usually comes with a sign. But more often than not, many ignore the warning signs that comes with it or are too myopic to see them.

All relationship has every tendency to end in a bad situation when you choose to walk in the path of destruction. Potiphar's wife tried what she could do to get Joseph's attention to lay with her, but he fled the appearance of evil rather than negotiate and mortgage his destiny.

What's evil in that relationship that you're enjoying? Any activity you initiate or perform and that has the propensity to harm, destroy or bring up daring consequences into your life is evil. 
It doesn't matter if everyone is doing it, the more you indulge in it, the more you walk in the path of destruction that others are walking in.

How would you notice the appearance of evil and tendencies for indulgence in sexual perversion, in that relationship? It will start through...basically or primarily via 3 stages.

The 3 Stages of Sexual Perversion

Stage 1. Touch
When a man touches your sacred part, it might be a mistake but when he does it the second time, there’s a purpose to it. When a simple handshake turns into a signal that sends sexual invites or vibes, you should see the red light and flee.

Nobody ends in the bed of sin (premarital sex) without having being touched sinfully. When touches are becoming sensual or erotic, you need to become sensitive and run immediately. Failure to do so will bait you and subsequent touches will lower your defense mechanism.

It's usually not the first touch that leads people into having sexual immoralities (sexual intercourse), it's a product of several touches they have gotten which sets them up for the final action.

Don't weep for someone who loses his or her sexual dignity, weep over the day he or she began to enjoy romantic touches. If you don't want to end in sexual sins, flee every appearance of evil.

Stage 2. Word
Words are powerful because they convey messages and ignites desires. They stimulate actions in you when they're either whispered or uttered persuasively.
Sexual sin usually start through intimate words and compliments. When 'I love your smile' becomes 'I love your sexy lips', run for your dear life before you end up in the trap.

Dear ladies, you'll easily become a victim when you tolerate indecent touches and sensual compliments. Don't smile sheepishly over the appearance of such evil so that you don't face the consequence. Some men could also become victims of indecent touches and compliments from ladies.

Are you noticing any appearance of evil in that relationship? Stop the conversation when you don't have something edifying to say! Rebuke the sensual touches or erotic conversations immediately you notice it otherwise the devil will outsmart you.
Do not forget that the devil is older and wiser than even the most anointed man on earth, you'll only outsmart his evil darts of sin when you FLEE the appearance of evil rather than negotiate.

Stage 3. Persuasion
There is power in persuasion if you can't stand firm on your decision to say NO. Through persuasion, Delilah made Samson to reveal the secret wherein his great strength lies.

I read an online news sometimes ago where a married man lured a married women into having extramarital sex. Her husband is usually not around because he travels a lot. Meanwhile, the striking thing the woman said that made her yield was that he persuaded her for six months, "Lie with me" until she don't know how she got into bed with him.
Rather than negotiate or give it a second thought, flee every appearance of evil. When he's telling you to give him sex and you're blushing over it; instead of saying no, you'll end up in it.

The moment he seeks for just a kiss and you don't run, it will someday turn to a demand for an intimate hug, from there you'll graduate into caressing each other's sexual organs before you end up finally in bed.

Don't think you're smarter than the devil when evil lurks around you in that relationship. Why? No one takes fire in his bosom and his clothes won't be burned.

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