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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Rex Chimex Visits River Niger

Written by: Rex Chimex                                              |Edit Article

The River Niger is located in Western Africa.

Most of us have heard about the River Niger, because of its popularity. i also heard its the principal and longest in the whole of western Africa. And the third longest in the whole of Africa. it comes next in length after the river Congo and river Nile.

Mind you, the longest in Africa is River Nile.

The river Niger is the Fourteenth Longest river in the whole wide world.

The river Niger passed through Five Countries
- Guinea
- Mali
- Niger
- Benin
- Nigeria

The river Niger started from the country Guinea and entered the country Mali. Passing through Bamako and Timbuktu cities of Mali, then it entered the country Niger and passed through the Niamey city of Niger. Next it entered the country Benin. Before getting into the country Nigeria, from the Northern Side.

The river Niger confuluenced with river Benue at Lokoja and then it continued to the South eastern part of Nigeria, passing through prominent cities such as Onitsha and Asaba. And from there, it moved pass the deltas and Joined the Atlantic Ocean.

And as my parents Visited the Ose market in Onitsha, i decide to go with them and have a closer view of the Niger River. Since it was very close to the market.

It was so big i must confess...

And was lined at the edges by fisher mens boats. 

Just then i remembered my primary school days, when we were taught that Mungo Park was the Scottish explorer who was the first European to lay eyes on the middle portion of the river Niger. Since antiquity, in the year 1796.

He was killed at Boussa on the Niger, Africa in the year 1805.

And as i looked afar, i could sight the Niger Bridge. The Niger Bridge was built across the river Niger, connecting the western Nigeria with South Eastern Nigeria.

It was an awesome adventure i must say...
Although i didn't get to enter the boats and sail on the Niger river...
The sight of the Niger river will remain indelible in my memory.

Watch the Adventure Video

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