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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Reasons Why You Don’t Need A Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Written by: Mayowa Adeniyi                                             |Edit Article

-“You can’t survive without a girlfriend; how will you cope with women in life?”
-“How can you empty your sperm when it’s full if you don’t have a girlfriend?”
-“You’ll be so lonely without a boyfriend”.
-“You can’t know how men behaves if you don’t have a boyfriend”.

There are over one thousand and one reasons why people have boyfriends or girlfriends. I may not be able to tell you all the reasons but I can convincingly tell you why it’s wrong.

Boyfriends and girlfriend’s kind of relationship wouldn’t have been wrong if there’s no sexual immoralities and relationship in it. Of what good is it for a friendship that jeopardize sexual purity and violates God’s laws?

There are lots of young men and ladies who wouldn’t have been messed up in life or suffer certain devastating effect of premarital sex and sexual immoralities if they haven’t had boyfriends or girlfriends.

You don’t need to define what they truly meant literally but as long as sexual purity is violated, it’s wrong and you don’t need it.
These are the indispensable reasons why you don’t need a boyfriend or a girlfriend in your life. Let them call you names, but these are facts not fables.

1. You’ll be led into immoralities
I have discovered that immoralities are prevalent in this kind of relationship. Because you two would be emotional, you’ll want to express love physically on the premise of ‘true’ love.
How can you prove to me that you love me if we don’t do all these things? The likes of kissing, petting, caressing, fondling, erotic conversations and so on would characterize your relationship.
And you can’t take the fire of immoralities in your bosom and your clothes wouldn’t be burned. It’s impossible!
Immoralities pollutes your mind, it affects your relationship with God and corrupt your morals. The more you entertain it, the more you advance in it and would someday lead you to the very act.

2. Premarital sex will be reached
You can’t be tolerating the likes of kissing and so on and for too long and wouldn’t one day graduate into the very act. Why?

You have set your mind activated for the act. There’s no boyfriend or girlfriend relationship that wouldn’t lead you into premarital sex. It doesn’t even matter if you’re Christians. This kind of relationship is gaining grounds amongst Christians.
And when you engage in premarital sex, be ready to suffer guilt, condemnation, soul tie, its shame, STDs, spiritually transmitted disease, abortion, unprepared motherhood and so on.

Isn’t it better you’re not in a relationship than to be in one that would expose you to all these? Inasmuch as sex would be someday done, it’s better to quit that relationship now. It doesn’t matter whether you can control yourself on not, you can’t outsmart the devil and your emotions for giving it a place.

3. It’ll keep you from conserving your focus in life
Focus is important for anyone that would amount to something great in life. You need to channel all your energies, attention and pursuit to that thing you want to become in life because what is worth doing is worth doing well.

You wouldn’t be able to be focused in life if you’re busy keeping scores of boyfriends or girlfriends in life. Because your resources and attention would be divided, you won’t be able to concentrate on what you need to achieve.

There’s always a backdrop in the academic performance of students who have boyfriends and those who do not. Life is more than pleasure. Discover the reason to live and be focused towards its achievement.

4. Your purpose and its fulfillment will be affected
How can you think of discovering your purpose in life let alone fulfilling it when your mind is occupied by pleasing your boyfriend or girlfriend? ‘Impossicant!

Many youths are wasting away their life on boyfriend and girlfriend relationship when they haven’t discovered the reason to live. It’s only those who have understanding that would appreciate their purpose discovery.

Except you don’t want to make positive impact in life, then you need not to bother about purpose discovery. It is the impact you made in life that you would be known for and not how many boyfriend or girlfriend you had.

Any relationship that doesn’t add value to your life would definitely take something valuable from your life. Put first things first.

5. You’ll put the cart before the horse
How can you make progress in life when you put the cart before the horse?
There’s time for everything in life: a time to discover purpose and be on its course of fulfillment and a time for the need of a partner.

Many singles often think it’s the search for a life partner that must come first before purpose discovery. No, it doesn’t work!
It is the purpose you have discovered from God who created you that would also help you to know who you do not have to marry or consider a potential spouse. But if you haven’t discovered your purpose, everyone that comes your way would look like a potential spouse.

It’s only those who have discovered their purpose that should be bothered about the need for a partner in few years’ time.

6. Your Love for God dwindles
One thing boyfriend and girlfriend relationship also does is that it would take away your love for God. Instead of giving God the whole of your life in love, it's your boyfriend or girlfriend that would be contending with the place of God.

God is jealous and this is why He looks at the folly of many who are living frivolously.
The fact that everyone is having boyfriends or girlfriends doesn’t make it right. Stand alone with God. Make outstanding progress in life before the need for a partner while fulfilling your purpose.

The world is awaiting your shine and not those that would increase the decadence in the world!

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