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Monday, September 05, 2016

Nigerian Women and Bad Standing Posture

Written by: Muoka Chibuzor                                       |Edit Article

In as much as we try to appear presentable and complete, devoid of any form of pre or post birth defects. It’s now alarming at the way our ladies now appear on social media. This current trend is titled the bad standing posture trend.  Our government is doing everything possible to eradicate Polio, Rickets and other birth defects but some of our full-fledged ladies are trying to prove the government wrong.

By their new standing and posing position. The way they appear in pictures may bring up series of serious thoughts on whether the lady in question has any birth defect and whether the country is flooded with such people. The World Health Organization then have no option rather than to ask questions and consider remove Nigeria from the List of supposed polio free nations after seeing thousands of our ladies appear with twisted legs.

Twisting of legs to appear as if they suffer any ailment that affected their suppose bone conformation is not a welcomed development. People who appear like that are presumed to be suffering from birth defects or aftermaths of accidents. This is a BAD POSTURE that they are acquiring and also teaching the younger generations to stand as such.

There is a saying “The way you appear is the way you will be addressed” so dear ladies, if you twist your legs intentionally and you are asked if you suffer from Polio, bear no grudges against the person asking because  he/she is addressing you the way you appear.

The earlier you stop standing like that, the better because when it becomes a behavioral addiction, then issues of body deformation has arisen and its consequences must be faced squarely.

The fashion craze and trend has bemused and beclouded our sense of appearance. People no longer distinguish themselves, but instead they copy themselves. The male counterparts aren’t even helping issues as they tend to promote and encourage the female folks to appear as polio or accident victims. Instead of discouraging and vaccinating them by correcting such standing posture.

How? You may ask, it’s not a hidden fact! Just visit facebook, twitter and other social platforms and your belief will be strengthened and doubts cleared when you see the alarming number of likes, comments, praises and 5star ratings the male folks append to such pictures. Sometimes one wonders if the only work men do on social media is sycophancy.

Please let’s all wear our thinking cap and appear as reasonable and responsible individuals. People should not wish evil on themselves, our ladies should not wish leg deformation on themselves. All this can be attributed to the upsurge in bad standing posture and fashion craze.

Effects of Bad Posture
1. Health
Bad posture cause back, hip, joint pains and body structure deformation. It starts gradually before it becomes very obvious.

2. Feel
Bad posture can make you look tired, feel sluggish, fearful and self – conscious.

3. Communication
Poor posture communicates to those around you that you may be bored, nervous, fearful or self – conscious.

4. Appearance
Holding yourself upright and in good posture can help you look younger, more vibrant and attractive. Bad postures including leg twisting sends the wrong signals to people around you.

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