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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Funny Irregularities in Nollywood Movies

Written by: Muoka Chibuzor

The Nigerian Movie Industry – [Nollywood] being the second largest movie industry has still been trailed by various funny action scenes that keeps the viewers wondering if the people who directed the movie were actually awake, or maybe they were asleep or were not thinking properly as they should, due to being in haste to push out the movie to the public cinemas for every one to watch and finally purchase.

Some of the concepts they usually use in movies do not actually or usually portray the message they are trying to pass across to the viewers. The movie directors should all try their very best to churn out movies that will stand the test of time due to their remarkable concept and message content.

Many concerned Nigerians have raised alarm on the hike in funny irregularities in Nollywood movies. One of them popularly known as Mr. Johnson who is a Nollywood movie vendor at Alaba market-Lagos, said the following -


-Chief is inside the car with the glasses wind up, armed robbers attack and shoots at chief, the bullet won't break the glass but will kill chief inside the car… How come ??

-A man shoots himself on the head 3 times...Habaaa !!!!!!! How in the world is that possible?

-RMD remembering when he was still 7 years old as far back as 1960 and suddenly a HUMMER passes in front of him....... Chinekeee

-Patience Ozokwor poisons Zark Orji's food, she stirs the poison so that it will circulate to all parts of the meal and then she tastes it, Zack Orji dies while she survives, Nawaa oo

-Someone flashes back to 1982 and behind him is a sign board "Vote for Goodluck" Hmmmm

-A 7year old character is washing plates and he suddenly becomes an adult in his 20's still washing the same plates and wearing the same trousers...

-Omotola is depicted as a poor woman suffering in the village and has to do serious farm work to survive, only for you to see that her fingernails are fixed with long plastic nails and painted crimson red.

-Tonto Dike acting a born again village girl, yet has tattoos on her body.

-Someone dies with low cut and his/her spirit comes back wearing afro... Na wetin?

-A woman suddenly decides to poison her husband, then she opens her food cabinet and brings out the substance. Is poison part of the cooking ingredients in her kitchen?

-They shoot you on the leg yet blood starts coming out from your nose.

-John Okafor (Mr. Ibu) is the father of Nkem Owoh.. Biko who is older?
Nollywood Camera man on set
Mr. Johnson further said, “You see…  they are really trying their best, although not all their movies has this funny irregularities, but all this funny irregularities in Nollywood movies indicates that the industry still has a long way to go, in order to attain the envious heights and standards expected of them. 

They should not only fight to push their movies into the market. They should still strive to make the movie outstanding, by enlightening the actors and actresses on what actually to do and also by provide a good environment to capture the movie and give it a good concept. 
The movie directors should always engage in seminars that will help boast their creativity.”

He added that the right actors/actresses should be asked to play roles that they are well known for. it will help to bring out the best in them and also boast the movie ratings. if they should adhere to these principles... i think Nollywood will become the Number one largest Movie Industry in the world and then will be seconded by Bollywood which is currently No. 1 worldwide.

Some people ask how is Nollywood bigger than Hollywood?
Well, Nigeria produces on average around 1000 films a year, putting it second place behind the biggest film industry, Bollywood, but ahead of Hollywood. However, the average Nollywood movie is produced in a span of 7-10 days on a budget between $7,500-13,000. Compare this to Hollywood’s average budget of $6.7 million per movie and one year production time!

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