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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Every Action Has a Reward

Written by: Okolie Samuel                                          |Edit Article

A gentleman was passing through a road where a beggar and a homeless man was staying when his wallet, containing some money and other valuables, fell. He didn't know that the wallet had fallen. 
The homeless man saw the wallet but before he could ran to the man and gave him his wallet, he had missed him. So, he went to the police and made a report. With the help of some information found in the wallet, they owner was located and presented with his wallet. 

He was astonished because he don't even know that he had lost his wallet. The police told him that the man who found and returned his wallet was homeless and a beggar, he requested to see the man and arrangement was made towards that end.
The day came for them to see. 

After seeing the homeless man, he presented him with apartment and job. Now, the one-time beggar and homeless man owns a house and a job. His kindness paid him big time! I had similar experience.

Earlier this year, January precisely, when I was in the job market, seriously looking for a job, while inside a commercial bus, I saw the wallet of a man on a bike fell down. He didn't know. So, the stopped the bus, I ran and picked up the wallet because am going to return it. The wallet contains ID, receipts, two ATM card (Zenith's and Fidelity's) and 775 Nigerian Naira. From that time till now, I've made every effort to return it but all to no avail.

I've called almost all the numbers on the receipts to figure out if the people know the man, one Emmanuel Okoro but no positive result. I've also called Fidelity bank through their toll free line to help me connect the man so he can have his wallet but no positive result also. I'm still with the wallet up till this moment.

People who indulge in evil, also reap the consequences of their actions which are backed with evil intentions. That’s life, whatever you do to others is what will be done to you. Even the bible noted about that in specific areas especially when it mentioned –
At this, one of Jesus’ companions drew his sword and struck the servant of the high priest, cutting off his ear. “Put your sword back in its place, Jesus said to him. “For all who draw the sword will die by the sword. – Matthew 26:52
My point: Do the right thing whether or not you're appreciated or recognized because every action has a reward. The reward can be good or bad depending on your action. One thing you need to know is this: the reward of every action is always greater than the action itself. Do the right thing with the consciousness that every action has a reward or consequences.

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