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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Do You Have a LAMP?

Written by: Mayowa                                                    |Edit Article

Christian article.

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path - Psalm 119:105.

Life is full of darkness and it takes only those who have a lamp to be lightened by the true source of light. No one can have light to see clearly if he has no lamp.
Many are running helter-skelter to get light but they do not have the capacity to hold light. This is one major reason why many are deceived in life. 

The light from the world can't help you to see clearly unless you embrace the True Light (John 8:12).
God's word is a lamp and also a light, there can't be a light without a lamp. A lamp has the capacity to illuminate when it's connected to the source of light. God's word is a lamp that can give you light when you walk in its direction. There are several lamps in the world but they can't give you true light.

There's the lamp of religion, personal belief, culture, philosophy and so on. All these lamp cannot lighten your path when you're making major decisions in life. The word of God in you is a lamp that can help you to see clearly when you obey it, hence the light it gives occurs when you allow the words in it to guide you.

Many people know the word of God but do not allow the truth in it to set them free. This is like having a lamp but you refused its light to illuminate you. Adam and Eve had the word (Genesis. 2:16-17) but do not allow the truth to set them free (Genesis.3:4-5).

Dearly beloved, it's not about knowing everything in the Bible, it's important that you allow the word you know become a lamp to your feet. How can I have the word become a lamp? Study it! Meditate in it! Delight yourself in it day and night (Psalm. 1:2). The volume of His word in you will determine the brightness of the light your lamp would give.

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