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Thursday, September 08, 2016

Discovering Yourself and Maximizing your Singlehood

Written by: Fumi Daniels and Okolie Samuel                                   |Edit Article

Know Who You Are And Why You Are Here?

There is a popular saying by a great man of God that when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. I strongly believe that this applies in the context of single hood. It’s almost a norm for a single person to feel something is missing in his/her life due to their unmarried state.

Some have even been taught to spend more of their single days preparing for the right man or woman which makes us have a bunch of people get into marriage without a proper Understanding of Who they are and what they are here on earth to do. No sense of purpose!

Does it mean it is wrong for a single person to study and gain proper understanding of marriage? No! But that is secondary. If you don’t have a sense of purpose and belonging and nothing drives you, you will still end up being an unhappy wife or husband. So what exactly are we saying here?

Every year thousands of people are admitted into our planet earth through child birth. They grow up, go to school, graduate, get a work, get married, start a family, build houses and buy car (for those that can afford), get old, retire from work and eventually die without discovering or for one day thought about why they were born, why they are here.

The cemetery in your neighborhood is filled with people who have gone to the great beyond, with a greater percentage of them, without discovering themselves that is, what they were created to be and do. In essence, their purpose. They died with their purposes undiscovered, neglected and unfulfilled, talents and gifts unused, potentials unreleased, songs unsung, books unwritten, solutions to problems unexposed, and the impact they were born to effect unaffected.

That's why the graveyard is the wealthiest not the gold or diamond mines, nor oil fields! Are you going to add to the wealth of the graveyard?
Jeremiah 1:5 – “Before I formed you in the belly I knew you; and before you came forth out of the womb I consecrated you, and I ordained you a prophet to the nations”.
There are some key words in this scripture which I want to state their root meanings. The word ‘KNEW’ in this scripture is from the root word called ‘yada’ which means to know – know by experience or be acquainted with.

The word ‘CONSECRATE’ is from the word ‘qadash’ which means to be set apart, be dedicated to or observed as holy and; kept sacred. 

The word ‘ORDAIN’ is from the word ‘Nathan’ which means to appoint, to bestow, to assign or designate.

From these meanings what God wants us to see in this scripture is that right before your dad had anything with your mum, you were already part of His divine plan. He has already had an experience with you. He had set you apart for a great purpose here on earth which he has designated you into. This shows you are not a mistake!

You might have been born as a mistake by your earthly parents but to God you are not a mistake. You are part of a divine plan which you need to discover. Bringing this thought into your life as a single person, the best gift you can give yourself is unraveling the pieces of your life in God.

The many problems we are facing in our world today is the result of people's failure to discover themselves. The suicides, wars, divorces, diseases, identity crisis, homosexuality, rape, child abuse, domestic violence, hungers, genocides, corruption, terrorism, moral bankruptcy and decadence, looting of public funds etc., all can be attributed to this failure.

Thousands in the great beyond died with the solutions to some of these problems. Yet, there are people still living with the solutions to these problems, although unknown to them. Are you among them? There are over 7 billion people on planet earth today, more percentage of these people are yet to discover themselves. 

Yet still, many of them are only living to survive and oblivious of the fact that they're sent down here with a purpose to fulfill, mission to accomplish, contributions to make, solutions to proffer and lives to change through the discovery of what they're created to be and do.

Dedicating your time to discovering what He set you apart for and what you are to give this world. It’s a time to ask God questions about what He expects from you. As it is popularly said, no one knows a product better than the manufacturer of the product. The same way you can’t discover yourself outside of God. 

You might discover little pieces of who you are but the entire framework of your divine assignment can only be downloaded from the one who created you.
He has the full script and information that pertains to your life. It is time to stop being a roving generality but a meaningful specific! 

It is time to stop wondering what your life is about and start spending time with your creator who knows you more than you know yourself. The more you understand who you are, the easier it will be not to give in to the pressures around that leads one into making wrong marital decisions.

I remember counselling a lady some weeks back who became so overwhelmed with the fear of losing out of the boyfriend/girlfriend spree due to her spirituality and commitment to stay focused in purpose. She began to feel it was becoming outdated to be single and purpose driven without a care of when the right man will show up.

By the time we were done talking, her perspective had changed. This goes a long way in showing that like never before, singles need to know that SINGLENESS ISN’T A DISEASE BUT A SEASON OF DISCOVERY OF PURPOSE and; PURSUIT....Maximizing your Single-hood is a desire to help singles live the optimum life in God. It is a commitment to direction and focus in the pursuit of God’s purpose and plan!

The bottom line is: you are here for a reason, to fulfill a purpose, accomplish a mission, impact lives positively for the glory and praise of God Almighty. To discover the why you are here, ask the one that sent you down here, that is, ask God through prayer. Why are you here?

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