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Saturday, September 03, 2016

Advice for Singles of Marriageable Age under Pressure

Written byJumoke Abimbola                                           |Edit Article

I will like to be real here...I could remember three years ago, I used to be among the people that would always hurry my friends to be quick and get married, most especially If I found out that they are of age....(That's how we friends roll now), don’t blame me alone.

I would always advise them that time wait for no one. I knew God would have smiled at me severally wherever he was that time that; I wouldn't also let you go until you have fully discovered who you are, that's when I will let you go....Thank God for mercy and grace, because if we don't discover ourselves and our purpose on earth, I wonder how it would be easier for us to choose the right partner.

Whenever a male or a female is approaching ages 27-29, the pressure he or she gets from families, relatives ,friends, becomes unbearable .Though the people at these ages don't seems to wear the look of the pressure people are mounting on them. (Smart singles) Why? Because God's grace is sufficient.

But, the truth is, in the olden days, parents don't believe in late marriages, so, they give their children out at the tender ages, and this mindset has been in the memories of our parents.

Why? Because they didn't experience delay in their time. That's why it bothers parents to see their children singing" I am still waiting on God” in their late 20s- 30s unless the ones that are spiritually sound who understands the ways of God... 
Did I write spiritually sound? Even the ones that are sound gets worried sometimes.

Now, dear single that are of marriageable age, my point is.... Never allow the pressure the world is mounting on you to affect your relationship, positive rules, standards, priorities and tastes that you have set for yourself concerning whom you will like to spend the rest of your life.

Because, I found out that singles tend to pretend whenever they are of marriageable ages...Some would rather fake their personalities and pretend to be soft hearted who can welcome any form of errors they notice in any man or lady that comes their way or better still (spouses to be)..Why? Because they can't wait to get married. 

A desperate single would rather pretend to be soft than opening room for argument...
Dear Single man/lady , don't allow any lady or man to start forming angel for you...If you have been dating for sometimes , and you have never seen him or her disagreed with you on something you did wrong. .. Run for your life, why? Because he or she's definitely pretending.

Stop being fooled, no matter how quite a man or a lady is, there must be something that he or she would not really like about something you did cautiously or sub-cautiously why? Because no man is perfect, that's why it's good to communicate and spend time with each other before getting married so that your differences can be attended to while you reach mutual agreement.

I didn't say you shouldn't tolerate each other, of course, you should.... But, what I am driving out here is "authenticity”. Be real, be opened to each other, be flexible, forgive each other, respect each other and above all involve God, because without him you can do nothing.

Don't allow the pressure people are mounting on you to stop you from doing the right thing before getting married because if you overlook these things in the name of getting married, those people would be the same people that would blame you when things go wrong.

If you haven't met your man/woman, don't worry, your story will change soon. It’s just a matter of time but while waiting, start acquiring knowledge on marriage. Maximize your single/ relationship period for the betterment of both of you.
God bless!"

Thank you for getting here.

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