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Thursday, September 08, 2016

12 Reasons Why Most Nigerian Men Don’t Get Married

Written by: Freethinker                                               |Edit Article

DISCLAIMER: Forgive me ahead... I'm speaking as it is in my head. I AM NOT GENERALIZING...
So, I choose to give reasons why you will see a grown up man in his forties still single. Don't give me the money excuse crap... No matter how broke you are, your size dey market...

There are very poor couples enjoying life here in Port Harcourt and other big cities in Nigeria...
So your size exist unless your problem is among any of these Twelve crucial points why Most Nigerian Men Don't Get Married.

Follow me closely. 
Most Nigerian Men Are...

1. Too Choosy (Highly Selective)
It will amaze you but it's true. He wants a girl with the perfect butt, eyes, nose, teeth etc. Anyone not meeting his expectations, he uses and dumps! He keeps searching for the perfect lady.

2. Too Promiscuous
Searching for female virgin is like searching for diamonds: they exist though. This is because the average Nigerian man has the "side chick". He feels safer that way.

3. Too Proud (Egoistic)
Marriage humbles anybody! Most men don't want that so they remain single. It takes normal humility to carry your wife's bag or even help her do some chores. A humble man doesn't reply to all his wife says. He takes them with a pinch of salt.

4. Too Indecisive
Today, he says he wants to marry from East, tomorrow from South South. Today he wants to marry this year, tomorrow he postpones it until the girl leaves his life...time dey go. And he keeps changing his mind.

5. Too Over demanding
He wants everything to be done his way- from her looks to how she eats... That's horrible! Feature of a tyrant.

6. Too Mean
They've been dating only for a year and he has hit her 10 times. He talks to her as if they're in a battle! Haba!

7. Too Insensitive (Not thoughtful)
You forgot her birthday and other days that means a lot to her. She is in pain and you're still demanding for sex. Some men sha...

8. Too busy making money
Many man are so because of this.
Many guys in their 30's are so money driven that they have forgotten they need a wife. They are still after "hookers" and small girls. Hmm!

9. Too stingy
Someone said: You can give without loving but you can't love without giving.
Those guys asking questions about giving to their girls- Hope this helps. No girl will and forever will marry a stingy guy!
I'm not saying you should give to every girl but the one you claim to like. No naa!

10. Too scared
Heard about the unpleasant experiences of some guys and does not want the same to happen to him. Also some guys are scared of commitment and sticking to one partner for the rest of their lives.
Drilling one pùssy ain't just enough for 'em niggaz. So they rather remain single.

11. Too carefree
He believes whatever will happen will happen at its own time. Even if it happens when he no longer sees the road.

12. No more freedom

They believe as soon as they get married, no more late night and the free will of carrying olosho's or Prostitutes ends!

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