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Friday, August 19, 2016

Women Appearance on Social Media and what Men think

Decent Dressing vs Indecent Dressing
Written by Engr Mofe Van Zekins

Dear ladies,

There is one thing I want you to understand about us MEN.
When you post half- naked pictures of yourself on Social Media, doing a sexy pose, or showing us your boobs or lying seductively on your bed...The only thing you are doing is making us feel lust about you.

I know you will feel excited about the 720 Likes, 120 sweet Comments, 720 followers and countless inbox messages you will receive and you will feel so high more so to be on top of the world.
Nudity on Social Media
BUT ONE IMPORTANT THING YOU SHOULD KNOW, in reality, none of those guys who will like and comment on your photo or send you messages in your inbox loves you. They are just lusting about using and dumping you.

In fact they hate you because none of them would take you to his home to be his wife. Trust me they take you as a whore looking for cheap popularity on Social Medias.

Men whether rich or poor admire ladies who dress decently and respect themselves.
Decent clothing that reveals less about your body makes us love and respect you.
It tells us that you are a virtuous woman and a wife material one would take home to be a mother.

It tells us how you were brought up morally and gives us details about your good family background.
We don’t really care a lot about your excessive make-ups and face paintings??

A good wife material remains no matter what.

Value your Body, Be real and Respect yourself.
And a good man who will respect you will find you.

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