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Sunday, August 21, 2016

When you go in search of her.

Written by: Muoka Chibuzor - 22/7/15 Time.: 4:38 am      

When you go in search of love
Find someone who loves you truly in return
For in a house with a deceptive wife,
Is the downfall of the man at hand.

The beauty of attraction should be her Character and Behavior.
For a cup made of diamond, whose content is full of filth is not worthy to be drank from.
Love should be Mutualistic.
It should be an avenue for strengthening,
For nothing draws a man
To think of settling down
If not for the motherly care she exhibits.

Flee from women who care to loot
For as your wealth dwindle
So does she dwindle with it
And so does the fly follow the corpse to the grave.

Be wise and move cautiously
As you go in search of Eve,
Be strong and observant.
When you finally find her,
For nothing sends a man earlier to his ancestors than a bad woman.

You should be the Sun and
She should be the moon,
Your children shall be like stars
For as the Sun shines tirelessly in the day,
So shall the moon display at night
Being together in the race of providing the earth with light.

And as the moon takes pride in the Sun
So does the woman takes pride in the man
She should make him a lucky man
And so shall he make her a blessed Mother
They support each other and
Achieve their dreams together

They truly love each other.

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