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Wednesday, June 01, 2016


When you appreciate the people around you and their contributions they have made in your life. It’s a great encouragement to them to be able to do more. Same applies to our relationship with God. If you thank God for what he has done, he will do more for you.

Most people do not appreciate others for whatever achievement they might have made. Instead they burn with anger, lust, jealousy and envy. They forget that one good turn deserves another. When people around you do exploits, applaud and congratulate them. When you do great things yourself, people will cheer you up too. If you fail to appreciate others, you might not be able to learn what they know and that hinders your knowledge and breakthrough.

Be appreciative, all hands are not created equal. But when the hands come together, they form a stronghold and exploits are done, which are marvelous in our eyes.

Avoid Unappreciative behavior.
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