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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Scary Trends Happening Today



In my Counseling Sessions Online, I have observed that there are lots and lots of Females between 16-26 years of age who are not in School at all, when asked what they do for a living, they say they are students, but when you go further by asking what school they attend, and what they are studying, then the stories begin about how they are still trying to get into School, etc. 

These Females have taken to Prostitution on the Social Media. They don't wait for Men to chase them, THEY GO AFTER ANYTHING THAT LOOKS LIKE A MAN!

Their Male Counterparts are fast dropping out of school and are going back seriously on the Yahoo - Yahoo Online hacking business, and the most disturbing part of this is that it seems hacking and scamming has become acceptable now as entrepreneurial.
The guys who do this have become MORE CONFIDENT when they started realizing that African Politicians who are elected to govern the People by creating ways to make lives easy for the people, are busy looting the National Treasury, and GETTING AWAY WITH IT.

Our Females don't mind dating and getting married to guys who scam, as long as it puts food on the Table, and more African Youths are just out of School at the moment, but the very few who still take Academics and Education seriously, because of good mentoring and undiluted covenant with God, are making strides all over the World.

Also during the course of counseling, I find out that lots and lots of Married Men and Women are out there competing with Singles for Relationships. Isn't it a Curse (Adultery) for someone to be married, yet looking and chasing after someone else to be in a relationship with THAT OTHER PERSON instead of building his or her marriage and home?

Child Sexual Abuse is back on the RISE. You MUST put everything in place to protect your Sons and Daughters except you don't understand the consequences of the aftermath of Child Sexual Abuse. Those working in this field also have to include "How the Child can report the Dad and Mom" if they are the perpetrators, because more parents are found to be guilty of this Criminal Act these days.

Do you know your Daughter is sending her Nude Pictures out to a guy she just met online. Do you know that Parents will have heart attacks if they dare to venture into the phones of their Children now, because of the kind of Materials they will find on the phones of their seemingly cute boys and girls?

Going into a Relationship with just one Person is alien to youths now, because they are born into the era of MULTIPLE RELATIONSHIPS, and both Males and Females don't see why they should be in a relationship with just one person. For them, they don't even see it as wrong, they just believe it is only natural to keep Multiple Relationships, and be sexually active in all.

Young Men 21-35, are desperately in search for Sugar Mommies now, and their Families, that is Father, Mother and Siblings are backing them up, believing through that Venture, they can break the Poverty within the Family.

As I sit Counseling, and people open up to me, I realize that despite the fact that more and more people go to Religious places of worship these days, it's becoming hard to come across People really living for God. I have come to realize people don't believe so much in LIVING RIGHT anymore as much as they believe in just succeeding anyhow, and getting whatever they want.

People are more Concerned about being Popular themselves, having more Contacts and Likes on Social Media, and are ready to do ANYTHING TO BE POPULAR, so who cares about LIVING RIGHT?

People may have a Right to live their lives whichever way they chose, after all they were created by God with a FREE WILL.

My only Question is: WHERE ARE THE CHRISTIANS, because I don't believe Jesus died on the Cross for people to continue to live like this. 

Now that there is so much DARKNESS everywhere you turn, which the ignorant identifies as CIVILIZATION, I beg to ask where the LIGHTS OF THE WORLD, and the SALT OF THE EARTH are.

Will the SON OF MAN find Faith on Earth when HE RETURNS?


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