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Monday, August 22, 2016

The Mystery of Mama Africa

Written by Muoka Chibuzor

She came out of the shackles of Adolescence and immediately the day stood still.
She moved towards the terrain of the garden of motherhood with her bare feet, with the veil still prevailing on her innocent face.

The sands were afraid of her softly made feet which were decorated with ornamental beads of different colours. Even her neck, ear and waist were not left out, as they were well decorated with expensive ornaments made of gold and diamond.
She was dark in complexion and her bright sexy eyes made men stumble over piece of papers.
When she smiles, her beautiful set of teeth shone like a supernova.

The way she was made was truly the handwork of great supernatural being, for she was likened to a Goddess and her hips were foreseen by diviners to be a gate for great men!
Supernatural beings thought it was wise to play Cupid and let this extraordinary lady get married and bring forth children.

And then they opened the gates of marriage for her to walk-through and choose any suitor she likes in the pathway.
Later, she chose a White man who was quite established, they got married and settled as couple.

Years later she brought forth children and now her beauty and agility was fast dwindling, as her days were now being counted.

But suddenly her Husband was corrupt and he stole all her ornaments and wealth and left her when she needed him most.
He went away leaving his wife and children behind.

She wept and her lamentation was heard by the supernatural beings.
She faced many challenges with her children and years later she died.
Her children had to start where their mother stopped and so continued to Battle with life, although they didn't have enough because their mother’s wealth was gone.

But the supernatural beings looked down from the heavens and gave the children a new life to survive in the midst of all odds.
They became independent and started believing in themselves.
And the supernatural beings smiled and said
“Great men are they indeed!"

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