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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Nigeria Crumbling Brick by Brick under Buhari

Written byIkhuoria Dandy

I have been so calm these days about Nigeria and the politics, this does not mean am happy with the way things are going or with this current administration. Because Nigeria is crumbling brick by brick.

I am cautioning myself on the choice of words not because I have respect for the government but simply because of my place as a Christian, but soon I believe we got to simply call a spade a spade, a goat a goat and a sheep a sheep "simple ".
First, Nigeria has fallen into the hands of a dictatorship rule under the guise of democratic conduct, which is seeing to the end of advocacy, freedom of speech and expression.

Clearly before our eyes is presented an insincere, deceptive, clandestine, ruthless government that has no respect for the "rule of law", that is wheeled on the path of religious, and ethnic sentiments.... so natured with nepotism.

In 2015 before the general elections, when I became so vocal against a Buhari's administration, I believe some persons thought I was just talking, after a detailed analysis, I said Buhari is incompetent and lacks the so called integrity credited to him, some even went to call him a Hero, this was when I knew majority weren't just blind, but were short in their thinking.

A man who said if he doesn't get into office he will make sure war comes upon the land, that the dogs and baboon will soak in blood, who calls such a man a Hero, a man who has no respect for peace and for the lives of the people he wants to govern .
The real music has just begun, we will be seeing the aimless wastage of the Niger Delta oil money, in the pursuit of oil in the North, Buhari said, they must discover oil in the North.

There are two options to this, as always a two side to the coin, it's either the present administration is preparing for a one united Nigeria or is laying the ground work for Nigeria to disintegrate.
They told us there is no money, but nobody is telling us about the 30U$ left in foreign reserve, they told us no money, but within the first few months of taking over office, Aso Rock expenditure went 5 times that of his predecessor. So who is fooling who?
Until we have a government that puts the interest of the people as its primary pursuit, the peace, prosperity and stability of its nation as central priority and the rule of law as supreme, then we don't have a nation.

There is so much I wouldn't love to say now but I am watching and Nigerians are watching, the other day I heard Pastor Tunde Bakare saying the fault were his advisers, the truth is that a man who has no direction, vision and agenda for his people and nation sees everything that plays to his selfish interest as good idea and advice.

A government that came into power through deception and lies will have to continue in that same path to avoid being faulted, I believe their blame game isn't working any longer and the circumstances naturally is beginning to demand results, accountability, a justice system that gives people the room for fair hearing and trial and more responsibility on the path of government, not vengeance on perceived enemies or political opposition.

A government that will deliver on equity.
Until we are able to separate illusion from reality we aren't truly educated, until we are able to separate good from evil, right from wrong and follow the right path, we aren't truly wise. Education gives people a mind of their own.

Listen I am not against the president. I am against an incompetent governance. I am against sentiments and I am against selective anti-corruption war. I am against deaf ears to peace and stability. I am against disrespect for the rule of law. I am against religious bias. I am against planning a total military crackdown on the marginalized, am against making their children orphans and planning to turn their villages into dust.
I am against a government which says Nigeria is in trouble due to dwindling oil revenues, instead of pushing an aggressive economic diversification, he is wasting the resource left in search for crude oil on northern soil.

I am against a clueless government. I am against a government which pushes to silent the voice of the majority. I am against a government which wants to invade the Niger Delta which has contributed 100% to the development of northern Nigeria. I against a government which shuts down a functional maritime university in delta state simply because it is not sited in the North.

Welcome to Buhari's administration.

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