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Thursday, August 25, 2016

How women can manage their Home and Career

Written byIfunanya Maduegbunam

Dear ladies/women,

Yea... It's good, as a lady/woman, to be strong, ambitious/a go-getter, independent, etc. in whatever you do. It is, however, wise to know where to strike the balance.

Let me explain.            

When you step out into the society and into your field, please blaze the trail. Be strong. Lead and Achieve. However, when you come home or when you are with your man, drop certain traits. Your man is the leader.

As long as you are in a relationship with him, he should lead you, guide you, protect you and help you where he should. It is therefore, your duty to give him the space to do just that.

Even, if you know what to be done and you can do it, still seek for his counsel and actions. Do not give him the impression that he is with another man. It will make him feel he is not needed around.

Portray your feminity. It is your residential territory given to you by God. Make use of it well. It is not weakness but wisdom. It thrills them and boosts their manly ego and makes them want to be with you always. Men always want to act and lead. It's their nature to do so. Leave them to do just that.

This is part of the reasons why some married men cheat on their wives with girls who are nowhere near their wives in every ramification. There is something they saw in the mistress lacking in the wife - feminine charm and the need to be cared for and provided for. These two things make them want to be with a woman always because it gives them opportunity to be really who they are meant to be - men!

Note, I am not just justifying these men's extra marital affairs.

Behave like a lady when you are with him. Don't boss him around. Ask for his help in certain things and critical situations. If there is anything to do in the house demanding masculine strength, let him do it even if you can. 

Take care of your body very well. Look and smell clean and beautiful. Have the charm and spread the charm. By all means, make him understand that you need to be loved, cared for, and provided for.

I know that sometimes certain situations and orientation we grow with tend to mould some of us into what we ought not to be as women. But it is not too late to make necessary adjustments.

Please note that I am not saying that you should become a weakling and good for nothing except being physically beautiful.

Finally, know this: It is in our nature to be loved. It is in their nature to love.
I hope I am not misunderstood.

To the men, I hope I said your mind.

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