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Monday, August 29, 2016

How Email Hackers Work and How to Overcome Them

Written by: Muoka Chibuzor                                                    |Edit Article

Most people if told beforehand that their emails would be hacked by their sheer ignorance, they would refute such possibility and claim it’s not possible due to the fact that they think that the hackers will stop them at junctions, just like highway robbers and ask them for it, or maybe slightly possible if only they lose their devices such as mobile phones and laptops etc.

As you relax some others are constantly on a plan to invade your privacy. And one way they can do that is by hacking your email, which might contain valuable information that will make you heartbroken if exposed.

Most people do not use their Emails only for sending messages, some others see their email as a storage bank for some files, passwords and documents they would love to access from any part of the world, wherever they might find themselves.

Lately a new Email hacking pattern has been discovered.

One day you will open your mail box and see a massage asking you to view a particular document, below this message they will inscribe that it’s of great importance that you view this document, probably a PDF file.

When you click on the document, which will appear as an attachment to the message sent, It will open a new webpage telling you that the document is secured and then they will lure you by showing you the logo of a company you may know, in this example the hacker used Adobe logo

When you click the view on Adobe as shown in the example above.

A new page will open up, asking you to put in your email address and password so as to view this very important document. The appearance of this webpage might appear so convincing to be secured. They will also tell you on the webpage that your information is under lock or secured. Why don’t you ask yourself why will this company demand for my email password? A password not related to their company? What will they do with it?

Once you fill-in such information and click the submit button, your information is automatically saved in their data storage server. And as you await to view the document, you will be told that the document you want to view does not exist.

To prove that, we used a fake email – and password – 12345678 on the filling boxes and they accepted it and told us that the document does not exist.
Document does not exist!
If you are smart enough, you will immediately change your email password, if they have not eventually opened your mail box before you.

So you see that apart from losing your devices and being forced at a gun point to expose your email details by hoodlums, you can also give your data away unknowingly. This calls for carefulness in handling our passwords at most especially when even viewing mails we receive from both known and unknown people.

Because even if they know your email address but don’t know your password, there is no call for alarm. But if they lay hands on your password, it’s a goodbye to your email and the data you saved therein.

Ways to avoid Your Email being hacked

1. Do not give your Email password especially to any website in the internet, you can submit your email address only to a website you feel is competent to be able to receive their updates or messages, but not your Email Password!

2. Make your password had to guess, by making it a combination of numbers (1,2,3,4,9) , alphabets including capital letters (A,B,V,K) and small letters (a,b,v,k), and symbols (*,&,^,%,$,@,#,!) let your password be between 12 – 20 characters.

3. Keep devices you feel that can expose your passwords intact and also know the kind of people you allow to touch or use you devices.

4. Some Email Companies, allow a two-step verification system that will enable make your email very much secured even if the hackers get your email address and password.

Hula! Thanks to this recent innovation by various email companies, am happy to tell you that I can gladly paste my email address and email password right here and even if you copy them and try to view my mail, you would be stopped by a verification system. But I won’t do that because it’s sheer foolishness.

Details of the two step Email Verification System
At this moment the only email company I know that supports that is Yahoo mail, and if you have a yahoo mail and you haven’t setup your email verification system then do it right after reading this article.

It’s called two step because you will have to verify your identity twice before logging into your email account.

1. The first verification is when you login with your Email username and Password.

2. The second verification is when you will be asked to verify any of the email recovery options you filled in your email registration. 
Such as your mobile number and your recovery email. They will verify your mobile number by sending you a text or by calling, and then they give you the verification code for entering your email.

They can also send the verification code to your recovery email. This second verification is very important assuming that the hacker has already gotten your email username and password. 

When they try to login with their computer, the second verification will stop them because that computer they used to try invading your email has never been used to view your email account before.

How to enable the 2 step verification
1. Go to your yahoo email account personal settings.

2. Click on Account security and fill in the details required
- Your mobile number
- Your recovery email address [this is another email account you may have]

3. Click yes to activate the two – step verification system [additional security]

I hope you learnt something from this article? Your comments will be appreciated.

Enjoy your life devoid of breach of privacy!

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