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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Guard your Mind

As a Man thinks so he is…..

The use you put your mind to determines how far you will go in life. Every single invention or product we see on earth today is created twice, first in the mind before it becomes physical. 
This is why Albert Einstein said “the same thinking that led you where you are now is not going to lead you where you want to go

In other words, you are where you are today because of your past thoughts yesterday and if you want to change your destination, you should start changing your thoughts today otherwise you will still end up in the same place.

You cannot change your life without changing your thoughts.
Our thoughts are like seeds, which when sown into the soil must produce after its kind. We cannot sow thoughts of maize and expect to reap yam or sow rice and expect beans. Whatsoever thought we sow, same shall we reap.
We cannot sow thoughts of poverty and expect to reap prosperity. 

Neither can we consistently think sickness, while expecting to reap health and vitality. Our thoughts act like a magnet that goes into the universe to bring to us exactly what we think.

A hardworking man, who wants to prosper but thinks of poverty and lack all the time, will neutralize his hard work by negative destructive thoughts.
Everything that has been accomplished by hand or brain had its birth in the mind. 
The universe itself is the creation of the divine mind. Therefore, what the hand does and what the mind thinks must go in the same direction for us to have our desired result.

The mind can limit the ability of the man. This is because once the mind thinks it cannot be done, a signal is sent to the entire body through the brain and the person’s system shuts down. 

A whole lots of experiments have been performed to show the power of the mind. What the mind expects is what he body goes to demonstrate. For example, our mind through our thoughts can alter the physiological effect of drugs on us.

The good book said in – Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life. – proverb 4:23

Your mind is the seat of your destiny.
Once you allow defeat to permeate your mind, defeat you must reap as a harvest. Your thoughts fix limitations to the height you attain in life. Every great man had once and always seen himself as great before actual greatness comes upon him. 

If you think you are not good enough, the whole world will re – echo and endorse your thoughts and you will meet with rejection wherever you go. This is because we are the architects of our life through our thoughts.
Our thoughts acts as a gateway through which things come to us. 

Everything we think is projected back into the world through some vibrations and these vibrations will act as magnets bringing to us events, actions, results that corresponds to the thought we sent into the universe.
The universe is not unfair rather it operates on the principle of sowing and reaping. And this law is as constant as the law of gravity. Once you sow a negative thought, you will reap a negative result.

Even Jesus had to depend on the mind of any person that would receive healing from him. He would first ask such a person, do you believe that I can make you whole and once the person answers in the affirmative, he/she gets healing. 

This means that if they did not think Jesus could make them whole or heal them, Jesus would not waste his time on them because he knew he needed their belief to bring healing to them.

When a man doubts himself, he is finished, nobody can help him. Self-doubt will lead to low – self – esteem and this leads to timidity which leads eventually to one accepting the second fiddle role in life.

Do you want to succeed? Then think like a winner.

The gateway to the Mind
The mind has basically 4 main gateways –
1. The two eyes
2. The two ears

Our mind is affected so much by what we see and what we hear. Our thoughts are manifestations of the things we have heard or seen in the past which shad subtly permeated our subconscious. If we feed our minds with negative images or negative words, it will soon begin to dwell on those things. 

Remember what the good book said – out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

Feed your eyes with great inspiring pictures, cut out pictures of your ideal home, your ideal house, your ideal car, your future company, your future children and feed your mind consistently on these pictures Before long your thoughts will begin to shape in the direction of these pictures.

What do you listen to? Who are you always with, what do you say, about your dream, your vision, and life generally.

If they are negative, soon enough negative things will begin to cling onto your mind and sooner than later they become a pattern and if not arrested, they will shape your thoughts and eventually your life.

Listen to inspirational music and lectures, read inspirational books and in fact start your day with some form of inspiration and your day will end on a good note.

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