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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Fashion and Morality

Written by Muoka Chibuzor and Emenike Nneamaka

Fashion in the world today has taken a new dimension because as it evolves and develops, so are the people involved in it. The new fabrics, designing techniques, styles and patterns of the apparel people put on today is nothing to write home about. 

It’s unethical and calls for urgent attention by concerned individuals who seek to alleviate the crazy fashion eating deep into our Society today. And restore our morality.
This phenomenon is increasing every day in the society at a length that will make one wonder if whether we are not returning to the primitive Stone Age. 

The youths and even some adults seem to enjoy exposing their bodies in an attempt to appear up to the minutes in the dress. Boys now move about with buttocks partly covered in the name of Sagging.
This can be seen every day in the society. Young girls roam the streets wearing all sorts of revealing outfit. The most popular is the “Low waist” and extremely tight leggings trousers that exposes their whole body contour. They ride on Motor cycle called Okada and expose their buttocks. 
They act indifferent about the awful sight their dressing creates. This is a common sight every day and it’s very embarrassing. This trend is not exclusive to the girls and boys folk, even most of our supposed elders and leaders are not left out.

The boys appear sagging their trousers and shorts. They wear their trousers and knickers so low that their under wears show, even when it is dirty and repulsive. They tend to forget the main reason why under wears are worn. Exposition of ones under wears is sheer madness.  Under wears are not meant to be seen by the public. 
Even one of the popular adage says “Don’t wash your dirty linens outside”.

A question for the boys exhibiting this sagging – 
When you are older and visit your fiancéé parent, would you sag to meet them?
What kind of impression do you intend to create?
If you were the parents of your fiancéé will you allow your daughter marry a man with no decent dressing ethics?
Same applies to our female counterparts.     
And I think no diligent parent will approve of such for their child.

What causes this irresponsibility in people?
1. One major causes is peer group pressure. Many people are influenced by what the society feels and thinks. Hence they dress indecently not because it makes them feel good, but they dress to earn praise from their peers. Forgetting that the way you appear is the way you will be addressed.

2. Another major factor is the Mass Media. The various advertisement, films and music that promote indecent dressing are shown publicly for all to see thereby enticing the gullible youths to craze them.

3. Ignorance – some people are ignorant of the disaster associated with indecent dressing and so they keep on wallowing in ignorance till its repercussions ensues.

4. Environment – the environment some children grew up in, might serve as a platform that encourages indecent dressing. The impact of the environment on children is far more unfathomable and should be an issue addressed urgently.

Problems arising from indecent dressing.
1. Sexual harassment. One major problem is the increasing length at which young girls are sexually harassed. They unconsciously lure promiscuous males into committing this act by the way they dress. The fact of indecent dressing has actively contributed to the rising waves of rape.

2. Personality damage. This is another problem which arises from indecency because it tarnishes the image of individuals and could even hinder their progress in life. The way you dress is the way you will be addressed. Men normally takes indecently dressed girl unserious and will treat them as cheap and unmarriageable. Finally both boys and girls will be stigmatized and isolated.

3. Damage to Family reputation. Indecently dressed individuals are assumed to have come from families that lack morality. Every Youth should be aware that they are Ambassadors of their family and so should carry themselves with dignity.

4. Deprivation of various rights.
The way people dress can make Military personnel’s stop and arrest them. – Deprivation of freedom of movement.
The way people dress can prevent them from not entering their respective places of worship. -  Deprivation of freedom of worship and association.
The way people dress can disqualify them from leadership positions and it can also be used against them. – Deprivation of being eligible for leadership positions
The way people dress can make them lose job opportunities and entitled benefits. You can see that dressing can make or mar you!

Solution to the hike in indecent dressing
Various strategies can be implemented to curb this menace.
1. Firstly we start solving this problem from our respective families. 
An adage says that – “Charity begins at home” And the family is the smallest unit of every society. Thus every progressive society is made up of progressive Families. Parents should ensure they teach their wards the proper ethics of dressing. What a child was thought from childhood, it’s usually indelible except in rare cases.

2. The Mass Media should bear in mind that they are the reflection of every society. If they portray the society to be full of whores, then the gullible viewers will gladly accept it. If they promote indecent dressing then the society will be full of indecently dressed members. If the mass media can withdraw from promoting ill-dressed fashion, then our society will be better.

3. As individuals we should always seek to justify our conscience and do the right thing.  The life you live should be an exemplary life to the upcoming generations. 
Do not allow peer group pressure or the mass and social media/internet to dictate your life for you. Appear decent and encourage others to appear likewise.

4. Public and Private Institutions should enlighten their workers on the benefits of decent dressing by rewarding or promoting the nicely dressed ones and ignoring the ill – dressed members.

5. Public awareness can be created in various forms such as through the mass media, social media, internet, bill boards to help combat the indecent

6. Schools should teach their students to always dress decently and Religious groups of different denominations should inculcate the importance of decent dressing into their members.

Fashion is a practice, an art and a way of life supposed to be cherished and loved by the entire society. Let’s wear a thinking cap now, before it’s too late.

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