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Wednesday, June 01, 2016


Failure is not when we failed, but when we have accepted it to be a part of our life. And we crash so loud and accept defeat with all hope lost and dashed to the winds, thinking not of a second chance or retry.

The ideology of Failure can be subdued, it can be erased from ones dictionary, but not if that person is willing to overcome its tentacles with the “You Can!” conviction. Many people have been successful in their life endeavors but slight ignorance made the crash with loud thuds.

Nobody wants to be a failure, nobody wants to be associated with it. But the alarming fact is that so many people invite failure into their lives knowingly or unknowingly and it hunt them when they least expected.

Since no one can comfortably predict how his/her life will end, it will be wise if we take precautions, because life is full of experiments. 
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